A Truth is a Mirror

A Truth is a Mirror

There is a particular satisfaction I get when I come across a word that is not only transparent, but wholly clear. The word secure is derived from the words "secret" + "cure," for instance. Denial is also such a word. Derived from "deny" + the suffix "-al" it literally translates to the "act of NOT-ing."

Concordantly, people who are in denial are also in denial about being in denial. That's the point. That's the zone. It's a complete system. Masterful in its manner. Ignorance needs and is for itself's sake. Existing as a spectrum that begins at natural not-knowing then, eventually, finds its equal opposite in purposeful and belligerent disregard.

Ultimately, people who are in denial not only don’t WANT to know. By needing their definitions to be absolute ("true" or "plausible"), they also NEED yours to be invalid (“unequivocally unacceptable”). Do not underestimate the insecurity of the humxns being on this planet and moving through this world. The secret cure is a secret for a reason and that is because each person must diagnose their own ailments and agree to their own prognosis.

This is also true of care practitioners or wellness assistants. We may call them doctors or psychologists or therapists, but we trust them to be in care of our wellness ALONG WITH US. Someone who will not accept their diagnosis will not treat themselves according to what any health care administrator tells them. On the other end, a doctor who does not see a positive prognosis for you also cannot advocate for your wellness.

Do not be confused by “positive.” Here, it means most likely or the best possible outcome. It does not mean only happiness and living in the same way or form forever. There is much discord with the evident arrival of seasons, changes and things taking their course in the majority of our global societies. There is a resistance to the natural order. And that resistance has become a deeply humxn quality.

You cannot have a feeling about anything without first having a belief. Or else how would you ever distinguish any particular feeling from another? Why would you even need to? Wouldn’t it all just be categorized as that thing called “feeling?” How things are felt changes based on the perspective, ideas and beliefs of the one who is (or the ones who are) perceiving the feeling. Because a feeling is always the result of something else. When we don’t have preconditioned definitions about things, we can’t have preconceived feelings about them.

How could you if you are not familiar with any particular ideas regarding said thing? You wouldn’t even know what to feel. From that space anything can happen, any approach is possible, and you are living at the center of all potentialities. This state is infinitely bountiful. From free will anything can happen. What is chosen, which is what we choose (not to be confused with what is CHOICE), determines whatever else will come. Doing is Knowing is Learning is Resources. Existence is 100% sustainable. It is all there is. It is all there is to know from and about and through. Infinite. All encompassing. Happening everywhere. All at once. Now. And here.

But Scarcity Ideation outdates both Genital Ideation and Pigment Ideation. People ignore this to a degree that suggests entrenched notions of our (“inherent”) impoverishedness as a species. In nearly (not all, but most) every culture we have ever been made aware of there is a hierarchical order that has been implemented and which was predicated upon the hoarding or privileged access to resources and decision making. Quantifying “deservingness” by randomly or arbitrarily selected qualities that different humxns focus(ed) or fixate(d) on in completely opposing or different ways throughout both time and time record (Rit) is basic humxn modus operandi. Often peoples lives, bodies, labor, children, family members, time, energy, consent.

Nevermind that Existence has already validated everything within itself to have a right to be here REGARDLESS OF EVERYTHING ELSE (though hi-key likely because of everything else); or that the greatest resource each person has is their own willpower and their free will to utilize their Existence as best as they can see fit. This is the singular power that humxns in all our Ism'd Ideations (racism, sexism, classism, ableism, queerism, ageism, etc.) insistently and petulantly reject. And what loops such impoverished behavioral mechanisms into habit and systemic structures is the belief that the individual is (and the populations that individuals make up are) not enough. Not legit. Not right or intended. Not necessary. Not okay. Not acceptable.

But a truth is like a mirror. It shows itself. That can't be “helped” because IT IS WHAT IT IS. It wants to see itself. And fortunately, by its own nature and as the only thing that is its own being, that is exactly what a truth needs as well. Itself. That is the point of it. It needn’t learn anything else but fully showing up for its own existence and learning how it wants to feel and be experienced by its own perspective. In relation to everything else it also perceives as an extension of being here. Alive. Existing. Amongst all other cosmic happenings.

Within our current humxn conditioning, how a truth is received has very very little to do with its merit and very very much to do with the emotional awareness of those encountering a truth when it shows up. In a culture where violation and violence are normalized and expected forms of engagement, we will find ourselves ruled over and/or surrounded by violators and violence. Culture cannot exist in a vacuum. It has its place. And that place is both from and around any of us. We are each doing our version of humxn culture.

The idea that it is not convenient, not natural and/or not optimal for you to be yourself (or for someone else to be their-self) at ALL GIVEN TIMES is at the heart of every oppression in Existence. It couples in a myriad of ways with the concept that what or who you are can be taken for granted and is not a constant teaching of you to yourself about what you prefer from what are your circumstances.

When you don’t want to be as you are you resist knowing what there is for you to know as designated by and for you through Existence itself and the way things are (happen, take place, coexist). When you decide the nature of Existence is fundamentally “problematic” for you or anybody else within it, you are also deciding that as a basis of being in and a part of life, people are depreciated rather than enriched by experience. 

How genuine a representation of humxn culture and a reflection of Existence we are working to be and be a part of constructing is central to the awareness of where a mirror is held and, thereby, what type of reflection can be expected from the angles our lives end up being a part of.

A truth is a mirror. It must show itself. What it beholds is what it knows to tell and reflect. It does not deny what it encounters. It does not deny when it encounters. It does not deny as it encounters. It does not deny encounters. It does not deny, period.

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