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I'm on my Shakespeare (A Reference Index)

"White" people and "Black" people . . .

1. "White" and "Black" are shades not colors and personally I think they're quite stupid labels to describe anybody's person but they are commonplace and so I use them. 

2. Not even an albino is "white" and not even the darkest muhfuh on Earth is "black" so everybody is a person of color. What we perceive as white is actually the absence of color. What we perceive as black is actually the amalgamation of all colors. No human has this in their skin. Black and white are not forms of pigmentation in humans. Which is ultimately what "race" is: pigmentation.

3. Like there are "black people," "african-american people" and "people of color" there are also "white people," "hwhite people" and "caucasians." 

4. As all other pigmentations ("races") have been categorized in comparison to the construct of "light/whiteness" being best and "dark/blackness" being worst*, they fall within this conversation in so much as they have related to, been associated with, or passed for one construct (light/whiteness) or its perceived opposite other (dark/blackness). 

* I recognize this is a paradigm of modern times and that in the past prejudice and bigotry were fixations over culture, language and ethnicity rather than race and pigmention.

Structural racism is plain-and-simple racism or actual racism. Racism is the name for the system of legalizing prejudices based on the idea of pigmentation in skin ("race") designating superior or inferior significance, intelligence and importance to a specific pigmentation in a human context. Making such prejudices not only lawful and law abiding, but also rewarded and, thus, encouraged. The legalization of pigment-prejudice creates a structural trajectory for those rewarded by such laws and for those punished by such laws based not only on the prejudices of the empowered party, but also specifically to uplift the empowered party by way of systemically oppressing those targeted or excluded by the lawful prejudice.  

On occasion I may also refer to structural racism as "Slavery's Baby." 

Hwhite power is . . .

a) the collective force/influence of groups such as the KKK, Nazi and Neo Nazis, hwhite supremacists and/or individuals with amassed socio-economic and/or political influence to intimidate, harass, marginalize and exclude the groups/people they target as well as those individuals who would support them.

b) apathy, disregard or disengagement in the face of injustices perpetrated by groups and individuals mentioned in "a)" as well as by those that support them actively or passively—by paying them no attention

c) The privilege of being able to include yourself in either groups "a)" or "b)" when shit hits the fan for somebody targeted by "a)" or ignored by "b)"

"Ti" is my nickname for human time as it is a pet of our personalized creation. What we have decided about Ti has made it a resource of value and energy that can be easily utilized, expended, misused or abused.

Though Ti  doesn't exist outside of our perception of it. Ti might as well be called "things happening in a sequence that we also feel a way about (but don't really understand)" #confusion but, also, #involvement.

Record in Ti or RiT is that which I formally had to call "HIStory" or "HERstory" or "OURstory." Now it's just a record of time. PooPoo to unnecessary gendering of words or anything. 

The Hworld is the human world. I figured it was about time I start distinguishing between our constructed manifestation of life called "humanity" and that which is Existence itself called "everything that's happening all at once including human creation." 

People who happen to be “white” are people who have descended from Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Slavic and Celtic modern day Europeans (no, I do not consider Mediterranean people to be caucasian). They are presently viewed as "white," going by just appearance they are technically beneficiaries of white privilege and they are aware of and actively considering those circumstances on a regular (if not daily) basis

"White" people are folks who have also descended from Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Slavic and Celtic modern day Europeans, but who are removed from that awareness so they associate their personal history more with pigmentation (being "white") than they do with cultural history. They view themselves historically as "white," they benefit from the privileges that the concept of "whiteness" has created and they sometimes consider what the concept of "whiteness" has done for them vs. what it has done to people who are not of their pigmentation. 

"Hwhite" people are those who act as if they are descended from a "race" of some imaginary homogeneous group of "white people." They think of "whiteness" as a culture begat from a lack of melanin. They imagine that all of their ancestors spoke English or American or their same language in the same way they use it. They not only benefit from, but also push for the continuance of a belief in "whiteness." (Mainly by actively ignoring the idea that "whiteness" is and how the conceptualization of "whiteness" impacts others negatively). They do not consider this. They think of their existence as a "normal" consequence of "just being better" and  more "socially progressed" than all other people who do not think like them and who do not look like them. They fukhing ignorant.

On the conception of "Blackness" . . . 

0. Negus = someone who ruled, sometimes by force and, also, king

1. African = Roman for someone from the province of the Afri (modern day Tunisia) whose capital in that time was Carthage and whose people referred to themselves as the "Afri." Co-opted as the title for the whole continent by the ancestors of Europeans 

2. Negro = black, dark, raven, gloomy or ebony in Spanish and Portuguese (from Niger in Latin, also meaning black)

3. Niggard = stingy ass person. Predates the concept of "nigger" in historical use and descends from the languages of Scandinavian people to describe people who looked like them (also predates the misuse of negro)

4. Nigger = hateful misuse of "Niger" from Latin meaning black and hateful misinterpretation of people in general. Arbitrarily assigned to pigmentation and the people of "Africa" to justify a preference for ignorance over understanding

5. Mulatto = "mixed race person" from Arabic, but co-opted and overemphasized to mean a person mixed between "white/hwhite/caucasian and black" in the United States 

6. "Negro" = hateful misuse of the word meaning black or dark in Spanish and Portuguese; re-purposed with malice  

7. "Black" = the attempt to take back negro to get back to negro (dark); but, also, the result of being taken/sold from native lands of which there is no longer awareness of the origin. A homogeneous way of grouping direct descendants of "Africa" who no longer know their ancestry; or a lazy blanket word for people of direct(er) African ancestry

8. African-American = an attempt to acknowledge what "blackness" resulted from by trying to remain connected to ancestry despite enforced historical erasure of such awareness and before systematized oppression 

9. Nigga = an attempt to keep vitriolic hatred from wounding forevermore 

10. Person of Color (POC) = any individual whose ancestry was actively and purposefully fukhed with by racist/bigots/sexist European ancestors (+ those who looked like them and were quiet/complicit beneficiaries) and whose present day life is both actively and passively fukhed with by racist/bigots/sexist European descendants in our systemic social construction of institutionalized racism/bigotry (+ those who look like them and are quiet/complicit beneficiaries of such ideas of hierarchy, significance and/or importance) *

* The hatred targeted towards woman, women, female, girl, womyn, mother, crone, etc.; an equally multi-faceted social construction meant to oppress/control a large number of individuals based on arbitrary and malicious parameters targeted towards people of a certain kind (both perceived as and made vulnerable), can significantly compound any of the terms on the "blackness spectrum."