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JANE "Sanyu is my guiding light, no joke. My reading with her was incredibly fun, but also gave me so much insight into the current state of affairs in my own life, how they got to be that way and where my path could take me. She gave each piece of information her own Sanyu-twist, describing situations and advice with wise and funny metaphors so I could really get the message in many ways. She wasn’t afraid of any piece of the reading nor worried about saying the right thing. She’s hard-truth. Since having a reading 9 months ago her words are still fueling me. She gave me an incredible confidence that I was following the right path by communicating so many reasons behind it."

MJ "Sanyu Estelle has given me three readings, at which point in time, I needed to find a point of reference and reflect on the choices I had made in my past, present, and those ahead. She does a thorough job of providing a fresh, and yet all too familiar, perspective on the path we’re on. If you find yourself at a crossroads and are looking for some sense of purpose, ask for a reading and take it in stride."

LACEY B. "Sanyu is naturally VERY gifted at reading Tarot and reading people. My session with her cleared away many cobwebs and was ultimately a form of therapy for me. I immediately and enthusiastically recommended her to several friends who also found her work very helpful and inspiring. If you're thinking about it at all, run don't walk! Through her work with the cards, Sanyu will help guide you down the right path."

MICHAEL B. "I have known Sanyu Estelle for years as a connected and sensitive Lightworker, and I love to watch her work. She did a tarot reading and asked me for a question. I went generic as I am currently in a state of overwhelm, and I wanted to be easy.  And that's what I got.  She told me everything I already understand about myself and my direction and was very precise. It's like she read the Michael manual before we sat. A few of the generic questions were given some light, and it's clear I really need to develop those heavy questions for which the answers may kick open doors, Old Western Saloon style. I'm not afraid of my potential future, so my next reading will be specific. Sanyu has plugged in some disconnected wires enough that I refer to her as my spiritual electrician. Plus, she has a network of entities to which she can refer any questions for valuable answers. Go, trust, sit, and take away as much gold as you can carry."

COURTNEY "Sanyu is an excellent reader and I would highly recommend her. I went to Sanyu without any specific question - I just wanted a general read and what I wound up getting was more in depth, profound, and accurate than I could have imagined. Her guides are clearly present with her and take her exactly where she needs to go with her clients. Thank you so much Sanyu. It felt like a real gift to get a reading from you."

KATARRA P. "I appreciate Sanyu's patience, openness, and attention to detail. Her honest interpretations focus on what I most need to hear from my guides, and allow me to move forward with greater confidence and clarity."

ANDREA TAN "Sanyu's reading was very insightful and gave me guidance on what should be the next steps in changes that I know were happening in my life. Because of the reading I was able to hone in on specific areas of focus in my relationships to others and myself. Thank You! "

CAMELLIA S. "Friend, guide, support system: Sanyu hopes to help all those around her through the twists and turns of life. Through her tarot card readings, she was able to unravel the thoughts and concerns I had (some conscious, some unconscious) and display them for me plainly to examine. She offered her explanation of the cards beautifully and steadily created ties to me, my life, my loved ones, my dreams, my inner thoughts... The reading was an illuminating experience for me and one that I know I'll enjoy again during other times of my life."

L "Sanyu's reading felt very thorough, intuitive and thoughtful. She is so knowledgeable about the cards and their positions, and has a very clear, strong connection with this practice. She seemed to hone directly in on issues and questions that I had been grappling with and approached them all with a very seasoned sensitivity that offered me very helpful perspectives. And she took such good care of me! She was constantly checking in on my needs and concerns and informing me about her process. A truly beautiful and grounding experience."

ERIN F. “My reading with Sanyu has shifted my reality. Before my reading began I was a bit anxious and unsure. Within minutes of our skype session I felt trust and ease. I felt my body relax into the reading and felt open for guidance and communication. Sanyu picked up on things that had long been buried in my subconscious, weather she realized it or not! I was given many clear signs during my reading, and felt surrounded by truth and light the whole time. Sanyu also guided me on how to communicate more with my ancestors and other realms. Since my reading I feel activated and charged. My dreams have been more powerful and clear and I am just so grateful I treated myself to this.”

JENNY "My reading with Sanyu was the first professional tarot reading I have ever received. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but immediately felt comfortable and grounded in Sanyu's presence (even virtually, as I had mine over skype!). I very deeply appreciate (and am inspired by) her rootedness in her ancestors and how she brought my ancestors into the session. This added a much deeper level to the reading than I had ever imagined before. Overall I felt that the session was powerful, informative, enlightening, and helpful in solidifying/confirming/bringing up things which I had kept deep within myself for quite a while. I will be forever grateful for this experience, as well as Sanyu's authentic, empowered, and empowering spirit."

H. OSAKWE "My reading with Sanyu was the most in-depth reading I have received thus far. Sanyu does not shy away from the reality of a given situation, she dives right in aggressively uncovering what is hidden and exposing deep truths that can be uncomfortable at times due to her laser accuracy."

SHAYLA "Sanyu came to my apartment with such an open and warming spirit. I immediately felt comfortable with her. The reading was truly an incredible experience! She explained to me the process and then did her thing and began the reading. She was clear about what cards meant and how they related to each other. Sanyu clearly saw the upcoming changes in my life and told me some of the things I could do to prepare. I really love Sanyu's energy and her positivity. I definitely recommend her for your very first or next reading!"

NEDA "I came to Sanyu when I had some things on my mind and she openly and generously provided me a 1hr+ long reading. I was the third person she gave a reading to and she was probably exhausted when it came to my turn, but she was suprisingly energetic. I had a few questions for her but she it felt like she could just feel what I was feeling. She looked me in the eyes and told me exactly what the cards told her and what she felt around us and I found her words incredibly encouraging. At the end of the reading I felt inspired, reassured, and ready to make some changes. She is genuine, she listens to you, she pays attention, and she is sincere about the words that come out."


Past Readings Audio

I am fortunate enough to have a few clients who are willing to share their readings so that potential and future clients can get a feel for my reading style! I will update these periodically!