Love Letter

Love Letter


I want to tell you how miraculous it is that we met. On this big ole' planet riddled with hIstories that are so divisive that it hardly makes sense our species is even here still. 

We spoke of things—so many things—we have each considered along our journeys and because of our experiences. And, can you still even believe it, no matter how far we journey there is more knowing to be had. More unknowing to recognize. I can see in all the little exchanges how maybe Existence truly is infinite.

And, if it is, what a wonder it chose us to be a part of not only a world, but a beingness grand beyond even fathoming. 

I hardly get to think this way with others these days. I want that with them, from them, for them, but this world is conditioned to be so distracted by change . . . rather than in wonder of it. In awe of it. In reverence of it.

We walk in this world every day withholding things we not only really want to say, but NEED to say just to know we're within the reality we are a part of. We hobble not humbly, but ineptly, down our life paths, so distrustful of exchanges we haven't yet had our way with. Miserly in our beingness we deny and deny things. Tell things to go away. Obsess over details to justify not being content with what being alive actually is.

It's messy. Fine. And what of it? Is that less life-like? To be ALIVE? A living thing. All at once known and unknown to itself. Being and not being in whatever ways that may manifest for us within any given moment.

But then there are these exchanges like ours. When and where I can tell you how wonderful you've been. How necessary. How a part of everything meaningful to me. That my life wouldn't be the same without your unique presence and perspective.

I hope you believe me. Have faith in my ability to see and reflect true things.

You are so worthy. So valued by me.

I hope you are becoming. Becoming so many things. Willing. Being. Showing. Telling. Then becoming something else again.

You deserve every wild and wondrous thing. You certainly deserve yourself without taking that as an insult to your very being. How wonderful. To have known you and to know of you as I know you now. 

Always changing. Always estranging. There is something so live within your body. A tether of power connected to all other things. How ably you command your Existence and navigate your inner truths.

Yes, this too is within your capabilities. Within my knowledge of you. For you are not just a being but being so necessary to me as well.

And that? That is of most precious value. 

Sacred to witness.

Marvelous to be a part of.

Wondrous to wander through life with.

You are everything to me. I care for you like I care for my health. I want for you what I want for myself.

May you be everything you ever wanted to be. And may even that lead to another discovery.




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