Re-Mind Yourself Where You Came From

Re-Mind Yourself Where You Came From

There are a million ways to howl at the moon. There are a billion reasons. Infinite moments made opportunities to beat your chest until it is bruised and bloodied. Over the way things are. Or the ways things are happening. Or over the way you came upon things in their being. The baser character, the Lesser in us rages on from its deep bitter sunken place. Slugs its way up our spines from some horrid space we claim isn’t ours. Isn’t our own body. Isn’t our own humxnity. Isn't our own mind.

In denying and denial, people as a majority do take most, every, any opportunity to be lesser right now and for many centuries in many ways and many places. Collectively. To be less than what they claim. To be less than what they are. To be less than they desire to be.

But re-mind yourself where you came from. We are not simply social conditioning. Not simply at all though yes the ingredients are eternal. We are water and bone, lava and caverns made wind chambers from a thought. We are matter made material mostly mattering as the infinauts.

Do not believe the phalluscies. Men want to have the answer but do not want to do right unselfrighteously. “White” people want to have the answer but do not want to know their whiteness in its entirety. People want authority without having to account for what it is. They wish pettiness, weakness and smallness upon themselves. They reduce themselves down to controls, but do not want to take responsibility for their actions. They pretend to know what things is rather than learn how to just be with them.

They believe life a desperate respite from failures untold but very much waiting to be claimed. They don’t want to be humxn. They don’t want to be held accountable for anything they don’t think they already know. They do not have the words but have heard everything they think or want to imagine. They creep. They crawl. They make themselves small.

It is not enough to call yourself humxn. The parrot can also say words but it doesn’t pretend to comprehend their understanding. They use humxn words for mimicking purposes. Perhaps for their enjoyment. Perhaps under coercement, but words are not their language. They may say “humxn,” but that does not make them one.

You are a being. Re-mind yourself where you came from.

You need believe exactly no one on what life is at any given moment. What it must be. How things are. You may decide this anew every moment of every day of your life. Perhaps this sounds exhausting. This power. This super power. And perhaps for that which is not its nature it is. If a humxns power lies in their awareness of their part in all they are and engage with, yet that is the one place a person chooses not to reside, are they being humxn? Or are they just denying their humxnity?

A perspective is a privilege and an inherent right. Existence gives it to us (and gives us to us) in a way we have no comprehension of being away from in any way that is genuinely comprehendable. Whether such a thing—being away from your own consciousness in a “nothing” sort of way—is even possible is a matter of me existing enough to ponder on it so rendered irrelevant. What is the point of speculating on such an unknowable matter that needs call forth the very opposite of the thing you seek to claim?

Here’s the thing about claiming. Being Humxn is a particular thing. It is its own thing. It is a concept of a thing. Humxn is a title. For something with a nature to its being. And that humxn nature we call upon to go about our perspectives? It is a thing being called forth, in and upon everyday by Y(OUR) doings. You still do what you don’t know how to name. Even if that unknown is yourself.

Re-mind yourself where you came from. That you are making this up just like everyone else. Deciding everyday, everything there is room for in your engagement with experience. Your engagement isn’t having control over you or another thing’s beingness. Your engagement is how you choose to inhabit the being you happen to experience by way of circumstance. And circumstance, amorphous and unknowable and unnameable as it stays, is just the totality of collective decision making in relation to other things happening ongoing and all at once.

Systems of emotional agreements based on beliefs, ideas and understandings. Things you decide every second of every day under your own guidance and from your own being of Existence by your own actions, including feeling ways, with your own consent.

So, do you actually know what a humxn is made of?

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