Back to Life

Back to Life

Are we ready now?

To know thoroughly

That which we've survived

The unspeakable harms

We have carried on

The wounds we made alive

As if natural

The things we have fed our pain

In the name of hurt

Or rejection

Or approval  


Do we know change?

That there are worlds upon worlds

Beyond this one

Where those who have sustained

The worst atrocities

Live on unmolested

By the base ideas that robbed them

Of lives

Otherwise full with promise

Taken from them

Hostile and wanton


Are we not tired

Of begging of life

What it already gives

Without provocation?

Do we still believe

Death is the problem

That is in need of remedying?


Billions have bled

And pleaded

And needed

And died

Wanting more kindness

Or understanding

Or freedom

Or life


And we, the living

Stand upon them

To survive

When we could thrive


It is the self that is powered

And the selves that are influenced

It is the me that is capable

Even when the we is disinterested


I am the one

Worthy of saving

In need of changing

Able to rearrange things


If I want it

If I want it

If I want it

It is mine for the embracing

For the awakening

For the taking

For the making

A Human by Any Other Name is Still Accountable

A Human by Any Other Name is Still Accountable

Sacrifice Your Self

Sacrifice Your Self