Make You A You That Can "Do Both"

Make You A You That Can "Do Both"

Has the false personality worn out its welcome with you yet? In the public eye it continues to receive airtime as if it is worth the minutes. But it isn't.

Whatever we end up learning through the false personality takes us at least twice as long as what just not being an inattentive ignorance-lover would require from us.

And while "time is money" in only the basest, most superficial and entirely human sense, it is value/energy and it does cost you. Your concept of time can cost you opportunity, relationships, inspiration, once-in-a-lifetime moments and spiritual brilliance. 

Your concept of time can cost you willpower, your confidence and "your moment." And though time is a concept that I know nearly 100% through human observation, which, by nature, means that my perception of it is extremely limited; time is a thing we live out on Earth in a very tangible way. 

That is my very Sun/Mercury in Pisces and Venus in Aquarius way of saying that time isn't ultimately a significant reality, but it is a conception that has become very important to humans, which makes it a very tangible everyday experience and currency.

Thoughts become things; our things. Time matters to humans and so it can cost them.  Whatever one chooses to value can be "separated from them." Or, what happens to it can certainly be perceived as such. Or, even better, whatever matters to a person is easily perceived when it is gone or absent.

Thus, what we value can be lost. What we don't value can also be lost, but it is likely to go unnoticed until we are reminded of it by someone or something else.

And yet, Time (let's call her "Ti" from now on) doesn't exist outside of our perception of it. Ti might as well be called "things happening in a sequence that we also feel a way about (but don't really understand) #confusion but, also, #involvement." 

And that is the beauty of Paradox, isn't it? Life is born from the dead as well as the living. And, if you can perceive Ti "slipping away from you," you likely also have more of it to work with.

While having any, in theory, is a privilege and having any, ultimately, is an opportunity; understanding Ti in relation to your feelings/perceptions and the greater reality happening beyond you is wisdom.

Wisdom is earning dividends from experience, opportunity and failure. It is the diamond in the rough.  


Why should you have experiences that you're not learning from? What would be the point in that? Really. Ask yourself, "what would be the point of not learning from this?" in any given situation. 

And if your mind snaps back, "ignorance is bliss," lemme tell you something vital to your aliveness. In Nature, redundancies remain dormant until they're actually needed in order to make way for efficiency and purposefulness of every part, portion, organism and function. And it is the same with us and everything else created by/allowed for by Existence. 

Wisdom should be preferred in every aspect to privilege.


A "law applying to one person" is never going to beget equity, is never going to beget equality and is never going to beget fairness or fair distribution of resources. The point of privilege—its very origin—necessitates the fundamental opposition of equity, equality and fairness. 

Which, in and of itself, does not mean that if you are born into privilege you are somehow bad or "evil." But it does ultimately mean that your existence is built on an asset that depreciates from the second it becomes "yours." Personal privilege, when coveted, only lasts a lifetime or for the span of a family line.  

But if privilege's origin is re-construed as "law applying to one" and is then applied to our one species, our one world, our one collective existence; then it can become privilege that is passed on en masse and it begets privileges that last LIFETIMES.

A legacy is only a legacy so long as there are people to know about it, to appreciate it and to RECEIVE IT!! Yet, False Personality Representatives "out here" with nearly every cosign imaginable telling you that personal privilege is the best thing you can ever accomplish as a human. 

Let me tell you something more: privilege without wisdom will only make you "successful" in the most superficial and temporary ways possible. In other words, personal privilege is unremarkable and it should be treated as such.

We are 4th dimensional beings in a 3-dimensional world with 2-dimensional ideas. The more one zooms out from humanity, the more 1-dimensional it becomes as a consequence of the lack of deep inquiry evident in the everyday lives of individuals. 

Living excessively or messily is not the equivalent of living dynamically.  


Say what now?!

Inside we are diverse and deeply contemplating beings who wonder about what it all means and what we're all doing here together on this floating rock off to the side of the Universe.

Outside most of us just trying to do the bare minimum to make sense of everything even though being inconsiderate, apathetic and lacking connection is what makes us feel so unhappy, unnecessary and what causes many types of chronic depression. 

Why seek answers internally that you then don't export into the real world? The world outside of your mind is the realer world. Your mind is shaped by it. Your mind's definitions and understandings and preferences come from what the outside world has brought to it and has given it. 

How do we be dynamic?  Well, according to the origin of the word, "be(ing) able to have power."

But that requires us knowing what power actually is.

False Personality Representatives will swear to you that money, that privilege, is what begets the ability to have power. Yet they do not understand that power and influence are not synonymous, even though it would behoove them to understand their differences. 

The origin of power comes from Latin, meaning "to be able." The origin of influence is from Latin also, meaning "to flow into."

The difference here is subtle so let's take a narrower view.

To "be able to" implies that you the individual and the owner of the act(ion) are able to accomplish something by way of your own ability.

"To flow into" implies that you the individual and owner of the act(ion) are able to accomplish something by effectively (that is a neutral term. The means can be accomplished positively or negatively here) having your willpower flow into others actions or considerations. 

Influence can be active or inactive. One need not be there or doing anything in the present moment to ensure their will be carried out. They need only set the infrastructure and simulation in motion and then check in every so often to determine whether their will is being carried out as desired and designated.

Power, though it can be subtle and near undetectable to the untrained person, is always active because it is always present and participatory. Power relies upon accountability, so it is hyper-conscious and present for all moments it is able to be (this can negate sleep and meditation, but Masters use that time too).

Consciousness is consideration; but hyper-consciousness is consideration of most things. This process is called ascension, but we'll get into that at a later time.

Having clarified, to the best of my current ability, the above, what do I mean by Make You A You That Can "Do Both?" 

Learn how to exist in both worlds

The world of the false personality, also known as the human world. And the world of the ultimate reality, also known as the actual Universe.

It is true that there is racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance and many other things that fall short of brilliance and illumination on this Earth. But it is only true in the HUMAN WORLD

There is a greater reality we exist in. It involves more than the needs and the wants and the views and the opinions of humans. It is a significantly magnificent rock spinning into eternity in a solar system made perfect for its existence in a milky galaxy off to the side of the Universe (which, by the way, is constantly expanding at an ever increasing rate).

We humans have theories about the origins of our existences, but none of us know how life came to be—how we got here—because none of us were here in the beginning.

We are out here wondering as the greater Existence is out there wandering/wending and we get to be a part of this great whole "thing."

So when humanity fails your hopes, dreams, expectations, needs and wants. Check back into the ultimate reality and remember where you exist.

It is Existence that brought you here. And trust, it got you. But you won't notice until you get a hold of yourself (first). Free will ain't a joke. It is the only privilege that holds true value. And it only pays dividends if you gain power through it. Power as it truly is for humans. 

And on Earth, true. power. is. actual. wisdom.

So get you some by making you a you that can be present for all the realities you exist in. And then help someone else get that. Because each one need to teach one so that privilege can be gained by everyone. Your freedom ain't free if it gives another oppression.

* Peace to you in your process *

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