Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: February 2018

Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: February 2018





When I pulled THE WAY-MAKER as the 1st card right after going outside to witness the Super Moon in Leo this past Wednesday, what immediately came to me was that February is going to be a highly interactive month both positively and negatively. 

By this I do not really mean, "high highs and low lows" (though if that is your temperament you're sure to experience that more poignantly), but more so that if you are someone who is/becomes a person who can/will sit in the range of emotions and "triggers" that will occur this February within various communities, collectives and relationships; you will hone your ability to recognize the energetic and sensory states of others at almost what will seem like a "superhumxn" level. 

This will not happen magically at the blink of an eye, but if you find yourself in situations/conversations with others or yourself where you find the statement/recognition, "Wow. That went so much better than I expected it to!" pops up again and again; then you are on the track that will lead you to the higher frequency/vibration of what THE WAY-MAKER has to offer by way of experience.

Conversely, if you are someone who is/becomes a person who can/will ignore the circumstances you (making it/you YOUR responsibility) are in or are connected to by way of community/collective/relationship—and please understand that at the hi-est levels this means the collective of just being within Existence itself—then you will learn much like the man posturing as a leader and being called the President of the "United States." Through much aggression, depression, hostility, anger and frustration you will discover just how connected people can be. 

And, to state the obvious and be clear at the same time, YOU are that connected person. If you care, YOU ARE connected to the issue whether from a positive or negative point along the perspective-spectrum. 

So until you master that fact, don't worry about anybody else. Speaking of which . . .




THE ROOT ISSUE is here to let you know that there is no avoiding it. And by "it" I mean yourself. Why avoid you? Also, how? Really . . . HOW? (Insert laughter here). 

THE ROOT ISSUE is a straightforward muhfuh and insists on presenting me with the following description:

Imagine the pollen of the bud, of the flower of the stem, of the offshoot of the stock, of the roots of the seed having a problem with the seed.

”Like” . . . I GAVE YOU PROBLEMS TO HAVE and you have the audacity to be on a high horse about the reality because you’re further up, out and away from me??????

OH, NO, NO, Kittens.

I will bring you back, down to the nubs of your appendages, JUST to grow you up again. Some way, some how, some where.

I AM SEED. I find my way. Here. Now. Constantly.

Whether you decide to be in on this collaboration or out, I will make you be. And you will be beholden to me.
— The Root Issue

All that is to say, just be your fucking self already. 

The excuses you name are the ones you claim. If you want better company, be better company. If you want better experiences, be bettered by experience. 

In February, THE ROOT ISSUE(s) will be naggingly loud and apparent. 




THE V is one of the only duality cards in the deck and it represents the converse, though equal-opposite, reactions to the same learning prompt.

There is a Science of Intuition, but to embark upon the study of this science one must learn to trust their inner prompts. The inner voice has a purpose that, when utilized, gives you a decided edge and familiarity/preparedness within situations you arrive within or upon.

One keeps the inner voice from becoming paranoid ramblings by testing their inner voice's prompts in the outside world. (I am writing out this reading for review and critique, for example). 

Improving your ability to be aware of your intuitive thoughts is not only done through inquiry, but also through observation and application. Also, tracking; which is another word for "being in the practice/study of (something)."

Some people, when they hear this voice and receive these prompts, suppress that voice. And, overtime, this builds into solid characteristic "structures" (ideas/personality traits) of depression, doubt, distrust, pain, fear, dejection and disassociation from their experiences. 

These are those of THE VOICE BOX and they trap their awareness and its ability to inform their circumstances and be adequately "reared" by keeping their mouths/thoughts glued shut when they should be sharing their experience(s). Not simply in those circumstances where they feel comfortable, but also—if not especially—in those circumstances which they fear.

Fear is not an unvaluable experience. It's as useful as anything else in this world. And many kinds of fear have been fostered here on this dimension of Earth, so it would behoove everyone to become familiar enough with the range of fears so that they become better at not fostering the continuance (and thereby, proliferation) of such fearful experiences.

THE VENTRILOQUIST, on the other hand, represents an intentional person who constructs and extends their ideas and sentiments in manifest/physical form. 

The ventriloquist's doll is used to project the ideas of the ventriloquist out into the physical world in a manner that is considered playful and therefore malleable. The doll, or any thing that physically represents our intuition and ideas, is an intentional conduit for reflecting upon the experiences of the person who utilizes it.  

Those who use THE VENTRILOQUIST in this manner are providing a conscious mirror of their experience(s) to interact and thereby be informed by the outside world. Those under the tutelage of THE VENTRILOQUIST learn to construct their awareness into something others can knowingly interact with in order to inform their own experiences, lives and worlds.

And the more representation we have of this as a community/collective, the more people can become informed and then inform with a transparent, direct and purposeful intention. Ad infinitum. 

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