Gaia Matrix & Floral Alchemy* Write-Up: September 2017

Gaia Matrix & Floral Alchemy* Write-Up: September 2017

Card: 4 Priest-Seer

Symbols: Balance (Cause/Source); Cosmic Plan (Means, Agent); Quest (Activity/Process); Sacrifice (Consequence/Effect)

Key: "Attunement"

Are you as surprised as I was to find the Priest-Seer making another come around when we just saw this card in June of 2017? Well, we shouldn't be. For one, I have seen people pull the same card one year apart. This deck has a sense of humor and emphasizes the many dimensions that each card holds. It also aims for what is suggests to be done. So here we are, back at 4 . . .

A spiritual leveling-up is in order. Accountability and authenticity are keys to progress. 

Attunment has a funny origin story. It descends from a mishearing, mispronunciation or accented pronunciation of tone, which is apropos for a word that means "bring into a state of proper pitch." Everything vibrates whether animate or inanimate. We are on a spinning world, after all. So everything can also be attuned. Proper pitch, much like in music, is relative to one's ability. Bringing yourself into a state of proper pitch requires getting to know your range, perfecting your tone and then hitting the notes that you must sing, feel called to sing or hum. 

Like a singer who wants to attune themself, being personally attuned means being ready for what comes next. The proper pitch is readiness. How does one become ready? Being warmed up and as knowledgeable as you can be about the music is helpful. Regardless of your vocal ability, work is required to hit the notes correctly. Practice is work. Experience is work. Testing is work. Sharing is work. Acknowledging is work. Discovery is work. 

Being ready to respond to what is being called for in any given moment is attunement. That includes accountability and taking a knee when you are off balance or are the one who is negatively polarized in a situation or circumstance. Recognition and accounting for imperfect moments as they are happening requires consistent effort(s), but it is so worth it. 

As above, so below. As on the surface, as in the internal world. Do not be distracted by the formations when it is the efforts behind them that make them intentionally replicable or detectable.

We are each an entirely encapsulated organism. People can do their best to compartmentalize things that they experience, but what happens to you in any particular situation is experienced by all of you. Wherever your attention is drawn and used requires energetic expenditure that causes you to call on all reserves you have stored or available to you. What you give to a part of your life means that same energy cannot be given elsewhere. 

Energy and what we conceive of as time are the natural currencies of Existence. Spending yours thoughtfully is essential to your well being.

Anxiety comes from a lack in either trust, faith/belief or perception of ability. It can be all those things combined also, but whatever combination, anxiety is absolutely an investment in doubt. When in doubt there are methods of stringency that you can utilize to alleviate lack of trust in a situation. 

If in such circumstances you prefer to wallow instead of take action/actively participate in your circumstances, then you are showing Existence and everything in it that you have the expectation of being bailed out of your own accountability and that you like to complain in lieu of doing something/everything necessary to change. These are not desirable qualities in anything or anybody, though they remain a beloved tactic of avoidance and self-pity. 

Your purpose now is to be aligned with the one reality of a spiritual order.
— Pg. 82

To be humxn means you are within the cosmic order, so it also means being humxn has a cosmic order. You/me/I have arrived on Earth, conscious and with the ability to grow and learn, because AND ONLY BECAUSE Existence has decided by whatever means that someone such as me, or you, or others should be possible. 

We are then given time and energy to learn about ourselves and what a self is relative to everything else. We are given both directions/imperatives and options. If this does not denote an overarching order, please tell me what does. 

Please tell me how something can come from nothing that it is?

Clearly there is a unifying fabric under all things because even hatred can teach, create and show people what love and freedom is. 

Some Tools/Advice from the Gaia Matrix Oracle:

  • "You can move into this new synthesis of the many as one through understanding the cosmic field effects participated in by your consciousness" (Pg. 82)
  • "You will notice more and more that you live in a web of life, and that your awareness of phenomena is a veil of noumena, or the essence of things. More and more you will be empowered to help all of life as you align your will to Prime Source. You can see now that the one commands the many, the central essence influences the peripheral effects, but also that all is of one fabric, that human dedication or forgetfulness and lethargy effect even Existence at its source." (Pg. 82)
  • "You are coming into your full power and can radiate energy to enable spirits and people to enter into ceremony for the harmony of the cosmos." (Pg. 82)
  • "To remain centered while releasing the emotional demons of humxnity is essential." (Pg. 83)
  • "Discover in your own body the subtle currents and seek the underlying laws or patterns of experience. Sometimes there is too much energy. At other times there may be too much substance." (Pg. 83) 
I maintain my inner sanctum and contentedness amidst worldly turmoil. 

Floral Alchemy Write-Up


Now it is time to look at the environments you live in and recognize and account for all the ways they influence you. 

First look at the environment of your mind and thought process. How mentally healthy is it to be you? How much of your dis-ease is actually within your sphere of influence? In what ways do you cause yourself suffering?

Second look at your fleshly environment. Is your body a good house for you? By that I do not mean if you like it in comparison to someone else, but whether you maintain a healthy lifestyle for your body type. How can you improve its overall health and ability to sustain you in this life and for your greater purpose?

Third, is where you live—whether the physical building, the neighborhood, the city, the region, the country or the continent—conducive to a happier, healthier, more peaceful, communal, aware and helpful you? Are you flourishing? 

Do not be fooled; a purge or a lessening may also help you flourish. Look at all the aspects about where you live (this includes your job/office, especially if you spend a majority of your free waking time working). What is helping you and what is hurting you?

The Big Move card speaks to a transition related to community, environment and spiritual health. When this transition is really emerged in, incorporated and committed to you will begin to be less miserable, you will worry less or have less to worry about and people will begin to notice and acknowledge you for the positive things you do (or have always done). 

You will become more communal, more central to your community and slowly but steadily most things (people or circumstances) in your life will develop and flourish by extension. 

If you lack such things in your life right now, this card is showing up to you as both promise and motivation. Let it move you. 

* Just a note that I'll be changing "Floral Mandala" write-up to "Floral Alchemy" write-up for now (though pending another name change) as the creator of these beautiful cards, Jen Erlys, does not use the word mandala to describe her designs though she has clearly been inspired by mandalas. She does this because she wishes to be respectful of the fact that she is not Hindu or Buddhist, nor is she descended from the cultures of those who were originally Hindu or Buddhist. She does not make her creations in the tradition which mandalas have come from. So I too must change what I call them. Out of respect for the artist's wishes as well as out of respect for the people who were kind enough to bring mandalas into western consciousness. 

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