360° New Moon Review

360° New Moon Review

Bright Side of the Moon / Knight of Pentacles (R)


Well hey there, Virgo. Look at you, calling forth the Pentacles.

Pentacles is the suit of Earth, the suit of labor, foundation, work, money, finances, physical environment, family/lineage and, of course, your physical body and your physical health. It also rules the home. So yes, Pentacles and Virgo are very well known to each other. 

The Knight of Pentacles (R) is our Bright Side of the Moon. That which is visible to us. The Moon, after all, spins with the Earth but doesn't spin itself. Thus the Dark Side of the Moon album by Pink Floyd and the rampant speculation as to why that is both astronomically (they think a much bigger planetary object hit Earth billions of years ago and knocked Earth off its access causing Earth to tilt as it does today, leaving only the the rock we now call the Moon behind) and astrologically. 

So it is on the Bright Side of the Moon that we can illuminate what is in our purview. Granted, many things are in our purview, but it is perspective that makes the expanse of your purview possible. This is our "sleeping with one eye open" tool also known as "what can I learn now based on what I already know in some way, shape, form or experience?"

Reversed the Knight of Pentacles represents "Aimless and worthless pursuits with no gain in sight. Squandering money. Spendthrift. Placidity. Stagnation. Inertia." And boy oh boy, ain't that Virgo's biggest obstacle? To not get mired down by the physical and the material world? To remember that relationships are important not simply because they DO THINGS for you, but because of WHAT THEY ARE by nature. Joy need not be a physical pursuit. And, indeed, when we get caught up in the idea of milestones, we can miss the views of our entire existence in pursuit of an idea we never end up really living. 

The lower mind—that is, the brain—is not an enlightened organism. It is a functional one. I do not say that to give the impression that the lower mind is somehow worse or bad. Simply that it is limited in its functionality and thus it is best when directed by higher functions. 

Your physical body and your being—as it is your body that is hosting what "you" really is (something must leave us when we die and we can't just call it "life" when even our remains feed worms and help them live)—can only learn what you teach it to know. Yes, it can make predictions and assumptions based on where it has been and what it knows to be possible based on what you've experienced or shown it. But the brain is no more the driving aspect of your existence than your body is. It provides a channel for you to exist, but neither the brain nor the body CREATE this thing you can conceive as Existence. 

You can live without the brain if you have the equipment, and you can survive without much of the body as well. What you cannot do is live in a body without that anomalous thing that leaves a person and the Earth when someone "dies," as we now call it. 

All this is to say, your personality is important. Maybe the most important thing you have at your disposal. And your personality comes not from your lower mind, but your higher one. The higher mind has been called consciousness, has been called intuition, has been called purpose; but whatever it is, it drives you to satisfaction and contentment or their opposites. 

If your physical life is currently displeasing to you, consider that your issue may actually be immaterial. Wherever you go, there you are. And if you are continuously dissatisfied no matter where you are, then the obstacle is you. Squandering money comes from an impulse to satisfy a want that no particular person can unequivocally say "this is what it is: (blank)." For there are people who are truly present and content with what many of us would consider little to nothing. Spendthrifting also falls into the purview of "this outside thing is what I need to make me better than now."

News flash!!! Everything humxns imagine they need to buy are things WE MADE UP. The Earth gives of all these things freely and without a judgment that seeks to punish you, me or us. The water costs locating and accessing. The food, a knowledge of the experience you undergo when consuming it. The air, you literally just inherit. Shelter is available to you in many shapes and forms. Heat you may have through sunlight or fire making. Your self has been granted to you free of earthly or financial bargaining.

Everything else was a decision made by one person, and then another and then another until we became 7 billion wanting and incongruent people.

Placidity, stagnation, inertia? These sentiments are born out of the idea that Earth owes you something beyond everything you have and use to conceive of reality already. The Giving Tree, anyone? What else do you need, humxn? You are here and free to make decisions . . . unless you're under 18 (or whatever the legal adulthood age is in your culture) and within the ghetto of age. Still, emancipation is available to many of you should it really be needed. And when desperate, there is always running away. 

"Aimless and worthless pursuits with no gain in sight" is living for the material instead of the real. What is material can be natural or artificial, but it's prematurely conceived as something "belonging" to someone. What is real, regardless of belief and feeling, can be owned by nobody. And my friend, please believe me when I tell you that you belong to the latter category even as our species chooses to live in the former.

Why is this the bright side of the moon? Because it is illuminated and fully within your control to decide what you do beyond the legal age. Yes there are worldly obligations in society, but society did not make this Earth, this Solar System or this Universe. So there is an imperative beyond the construction of humxnity and you are not only free, but sanctioned to be your own self by ALL of Existence already. Or you would not be here to begin with. 

If you choose to debate with Existence about your worthiness you will never win that argument. NEVER. 


Shade Side of the Moon / King of Pentacles


There is always more beyond what we know, can see and can conceive, so beyond the Knight there is the King of Pentacles, just slightly out of purview.

The King of Pentacles says "Masculine energy in its adult stage, business-like, responsible, rigid, organized and conservative. A person of means and worldly accomplishments, wise in the way of the world. A fatherly figure."

To be clear, the masculine, the feminine and the androgynous exist within every living thing. For in every living thing there is a choice. It may not seem like your own choice, but it was decided for you and that implies choices were made, even if of something else or beyond you. 

Masculine energy represents our extensive, aspirational, reaching and striving self. That is true of any gender of person. So with this card we begin not only at the stage of striving and taking action towards goals and plans (tending to our gardens), but also in the stage of adulthood. This does not mean you have to be "legal." Legal is an idea in every way, shape or form. It merely means you should be invoking the adulthood within you as you go about handling your business (that is, your life).

Yet is also speaks to a fatherly figure, an example of adulthood. The archetypal example we have seen embodied through parenthood. 

So let us take this out of humxn terms and look at it from the broadest perspective. In Existence, what might be the fatherly figure of the Universe? Could it be all had experience? Where the motherly figure would be all possible experience and the androgyny of their relationship would simply be the overall lived experience? 

And if we are striving toward this type of maturity, the maturity that one gains from All Had Experience (the All-Father)—our example of ultimate masculinity—what does that mean we the individuals should do in that image?

For starters, observe all of the had experiences you are able to. Do not presume, do not assume. Rather, simply live and see what happens to you and others and everything. Then decide what works for you while not attempting to violate anybody else's right to the same (aka, invoking embittered sanctions and judgments against them). After that, be responsible for your experience. 

Pro-Tip: If every single person in every situation is wrong but you, you're not being responsible. After all, we are with ourselves in all situations that happen to us and that is based on actions WE have taken within our attempt to mature through experience. I do not say this so one can lay blame or feel guilty or make moral judgments about the wrongness or rightness of this perspective. I simply say it because it's true. 

Were you there while it was happening to you? Did you get yourself there before it was happening to you? Did it happen to you once you arrived somewhere? Then is some way, shape or form, it's a part of you too. So rather than lay blame when we are upset or disturbed by circumstances, let us ask ourselves "why of all experiences in the Universe that happen to people am I having this particular one?"

Trust and believe that whatever the reason, it has to do with you SIMPLY on account of the fact that the situation chose you. Responsibility is learning from that. Not being guilty of it or blaming yourself, but accepting that it was to you that it happened for a reason you may not yet know and you should probably gain the wisdom of that experience. That is responsibility. It's not a blame game. It's a name game. What is that undesired experience called? Would you know it again if it came for you? Utilizing these tools is how one arrives at organization of self, organization of personhood and, eventually, influence over how what happens to you is experienced by you. 

Conservatism? This is mostly a judgment word. It's your preference along a spectrum of preferences. All that makes it conservative is where your point of interest is along the spectrum. From one end the other is always gonna look like it's too far progressed in the opposite direction. That is why moving along the spectrum does great service not only for you and all that you encounter, but your overall perspective. Some things are, in fact, rigid. Why must that thing be you? Leave it to the rocks and strong woods, they are way less physically pliant than you. You were given a body that moves. 

Then we arrive at "A person of means and worldly accomplishments, wise in the way of the world." I know we're in Pentacles, but do not be fooled. Pentacles know they are in existence at the liberty of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana represent the spirit and life purpose. So what Pentacles can do—what it means to accomplish something in the physical world—is always going to be subjugated to the spiritual intention. Have you ever seen someone in life who you consider TRULY incredible commit suicide or hate themselves? Because that is how the physical bows to the energetic. 

In life, seek the accomplishments that spirit brings you by doing your best to make your self, your perspective, your joy, manifest in this world. You will not feel accomplished for long if you let the physical try and rule over your spiritual being. Enslavement is an atrocity and in deep opposition to Existence and the way things are because it seeks to make the physical (opinion, judgment, form) more influential than the spiritual (being, perspective, function). Don't let this happen to you, by you. No TYBY for you. And when you see others doing it to themselves remind them by being unabashedly YOUR MOST INNER TRUTH; thereby providing a mirror for how living by your natural means can actually look. 

This is where wisdom comes from. That is, the unique experience that IS YOU done with joy, as often as possible and to the best of your ability without judgment or insistance of the outcome. 

Virgo and Pentacles may not seem to have a grasp on this lesson because we struggle through them and the mirror they hold up to our ideas and the truths we so painstakingly get from the physical and material; but I assure you even the energies that seem to hold you back want what's best for you. Or they would provide no lessons for you to mine. 

The gag is you have to want wisdom as much for yourself as you imagine you do for the people you judge and feel have judged you inappropriately. If you choose to live that truth, no Earthly thing can stop you. 

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