Gaia Matrix & Floral Mandala Write-Up: August 2017

Gaia Matrix & Floral Mandala Write-Up: August 2017

This August of 2017 we have not only 2 eclipses and 5 planets in retrograde, but also the Lion's Gate where our planet is in view and in line with the Sun/Star in our solar system lining up with the Sun/Star Sirius. Sirius is the brightest star in the Earth's night sky and is 8.611 (8) light years away. As this event takes place only in August, the 8th month, with a planet that is 8.(8) light years away, it holds synchronistic power and relevance for many faiths in the spiritual community. Concordantly, it is believed to be at its strongest influence on the 8th of August. As the Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse take place on August 7th, the energy of August is POTENT, READY AND WAITING. 

Things will be busting out of the seams, off of tongues, out the woodwork and much will come to light about what is actually possible considering the resources at your disposal. Pay attention to what is working this month, because what is not working will make itself obvious. Do not despair when it does. Look to what IS or what WAS working for you most recently and return to that for deeper study and knowledge. 

If you can dedicate years, if not decades, of your life to behavior that does not serve you then it is fair to demand of yourself AT LEAST an equal amount of time dedicating yourself to the behavior that does or will serve you. And all that before you can cast a balanced judgment. 

DO NOT LAMENT. This is your life, this is the world. You want better from yourself, others, society and existence? Dig in or be dug on. 

Floral Mandala Write-Up

The interpersonal comes back into play in a big way this month. It isn't that your personal needs or interests have to take a back seat, it's that now we either really benefit or really come into deficit as a result of the things we are doing with others. Your network should be strong. 

That does not necessarily mean "large" and that does not necessarily mean "old," but it absolutely means cohesive. What doesn't work will become obvious this month. Stop fraternizing with that which no longer serves your future purpose or calling. Not because it is "evil" or "bad," but because it is no longer working and, as a result, involving yourself with it/them is equivalent to spinning your wheels with no destination. 

Intuition is important because it leads you places. When it is said the journey is more important than the destination it does not mean that the destination is not of importance. That saying is to deter you from fixating on the form of where you end up; but that does not mean you do not need to be attentive to direction and where you're going. 

Willpower is big this month. Not simply because we are in Leo with their front and center qualities, but also because this month is going to showcase the significance of adulting, ownership and showing "the fukh" up. For what you need and for what needs getting done. 

People may not always know how to treat you (or themselves), but what you allow(ed) is where your responsibility needs to be acknowledged. 

Gaia Matrix Oracle Write-Up


Symbols: Cosmic Law (Cause/Source), Awareness (Means/Agent), Revolution (Activity/Process) and then Freedom (Consequence/Effect) 

Key: "Cultural Evolution"

Energies-at-Play: Lion Medicine, Rabbit Medicine, Snake Medicine, Mouse Medicine; Death/Evolution; Support; Guidance and Willpower combined; Seeing What is Obvious; Illumination; Noticing the Subtle that Becomes Substance

* * *

If you receive a World Card while working with the entire deck, it indicates that you have attained a certain degree of actualization, for you have the capacity to befriend all four of the archetypes within that World.
— Pg. 23
With this world as a guide, you can assess which patterns, habits and tendencies are valuable to your life and which are outworn, without blaming anyone . . . as you cease denying any part of yourself and consistently practice self-acceptance you will be able to contribute something unique and wholesome to society.

As you cease expecting and depending on others you will find freedom in the true sense of being able to respond to what is needed in every changing situation.
— Pg. 56

Heal and Health come from a Proto-Indo-European word, "kailo," which means WHOLE.

  • Purpose Initiated: "Integrity comes from being integrated." 
  • Healing Resources Around You: "Find an environment that enables and allows you to be your subtle, sensitive and dynamic self."
    • In the present, while you are engaged with them.
  • Inner Order: "Sharpen your critical discrimination without being judgmental and blaming."
    • Practice by finding something—one thing—you can relate to/about with many kinds of people.
  • Purpose Rooted Inwardly as Values: "Stand your ground for social and personal rectification." 
    • Hold space and value the person you're becoming by not abandoning your new habits, your new requirements and your new principles. This includes you with yourself. STAND YOUR GROUND AGAINST YOUR OLD SELF, OLD HABITS, OLD REQUIREMENTS AND OLD PRINCIPLES (whatever is outdated must go)!!
    • We are usually the 1st person we undermine and do not have faith in. Do not allow your new and emerging self to die out before you've allowed that version of you some genuine and consistent experience. 
  • Healing Resources in You: "What methods of purification regenerate you? . . . Don't inflict extremes upon yourself to the point where you are in a reactive state."
    • Discern what heals (makes you become whole) you vs. what drains you. Do not mistake that which requires a bunch of energy for being a prerequisite of progress. Sometimes letting go is all you need to move further into your purpose and healing process. As an act, letting go is not a laborious process. Only coping with the letting go is. 
    • Fast when you feel heavy (either entirely or just water; or just water, liquids and smoothies; or just water, liquid, smoothies and broths). Liquid gets your energy fluid. 
    • Pay attention to your visions (dreams, waking dreams, imagination, images that keep showing in your physical view and space, hallucinations, etc.)
  • Social Order: "Be an active leader in changing patterns passed on from other ages."
    • Particularly passed ages and versions of yourself!
    • Do not try to impose change on yourself and others through guilt. Guilt is a form of wallowing. It begets stagnancy, not forward movement.
      • Atone with the spirit of DOING SOMETHING ELSE/OTHER than what led you to the guilt in the first place.
      • You can learn to NOT BE reactive.
      • You can create and thus gain wholesome habits!
    • Cleanse both inwardly and outwardly. Purge others who work against you but purge the you that works against the future of you too! 
  • Purpose Embodied: "You can establish your body as a temple and be a clear, healing and transforming influence on the world."
    • When it is said that your body is a temple it does not simply mean that your body is sacred, but that it also needs to be revered. What good is something called sacred that is not treated as such? 
    • Fake idols don't beget much but disillusion and wasted resources. Not to mention severe emotional, spiritual and thus psychological damage/setbacks. Do not be the fake idol of your own existence. 
  • Communication of Resources: "You may want to express your deep regard for all cultures."
    • Understand that there is something worthy to be expressed and regarded about every culture whether you perceive those things period or whether you perceive those things as "good" or "bad." 
    • Things that you do not understand or comprehend are worthy of existence regardless of you and how you would have things be. That does not mean that all that which is worthy recognizes its worthiness and/or acts according to the value is holds in this universe. 
  • A Destination to Arrive At: "Anything not integral in yourself is a weakening, draining force . . . You will have the cooperation of others FROM this place of integrity and there will be great illumination." 
    • Then any death—particularly the passing of an old/outdated you—that you undergo will be experienced as a rebirth. 
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