Spring Equinox Write-Up 3.20.17

Spring Equinox Write-Up 3.20.17

Spring is upon us and it has been flirting with us for some time now. Torrential rain, humidity, warm sun in the Winter time where and when it "shouldn't" have been? I think it's safe to say Spring decided to play defense in 2017, Year of the Rooster. And there ain't a symbolically earlier bird to call upon, so let's get this worm. 

Summer and Winter are more expansive, greedier or needier seasons (they go on and on). Though, for my 1st official write-up, Solstice energy brought completely different elements of my talents to the table, Equinox's seem to call for something more direct.  

And as Spring 2017 has "been had done" arrived, that is 100% something for me to take into account in my line of divining. Spring has rolled in early announcing itself and it's playing defense. 

Though I'm not a sporty-type person (or even a warring-type, these days), the line that has come to me over and over again is "the best defense is a good offense." 

And heyo, guess what? A statement could not be more appropriate for the flavor of this month and the Spring we are being set up to deal with.  

I wanna share something that has freshly occurred to me in the last 24 hours in solid word form that I don't think I've ever said in quite this way before ...  

Clarity is the best protection.  

I'm gonna need to write that again before I get into it because it's also new to me.  

Clarity is the best protection a person can call upon. 

This is the spiritual equivalent of the best defense is a good offense and it is a very necessary balm right now. 

Now, to assist with clarity I must be transparent and come all the way on out of the cauldron. I was watching Long Island Medium for the first time in a long time (I'm in the Grand Canyon at present and options are limited plus, why not? Better than infomercials and...shush, ego). I was watching Long Island Medium and Theresa was asked to do a group reading on Halloween and to come in costume.

Naturally her daughter suggested she be a witch so she went to the costume rental store. First they had her try on the classic (why tho?) Elvira black body tight dress and T was like "Nah, I can't be dressed in black, I'm good and ish" (or something very close to this in her own language). So she went for Glenda the Goodwitch instead. All fine, no judgment, end of that narrative.

But it got me to thinking why, spiritually, people tend to imagine that black simply stands for darkness/fear or evil. And yes, consciousness, history, fear, prejudice and racism. But, I'm looking at this from a different angle

Shade (which black is), like color, runs along a spectrum. And though spirituality can be perceived in different dimensions than light, I see no reason why such things should not operate by similar functions. 

Meaning, yes, black is a shade that can be used to do harm to others, but it is the same hue called upon for protection from the same (among other things). 

Now, though Glenda wears pink, when T said that my mind immediately went to do the same about the opposite shade of black; which is, of course, white. (Simply because we are talking about the absolute absence of color, a point along the shade spectrum. And the amalgamation of all color, another point along the shade spectrum).

In witchery, brujeria, magick, healing, etc. the shade white is used to invoke clarity (among other things); but, it can also be used to make things hazy or further away. But I digress ...

I don't know exactly how my mind made the jump from the above description of watching Long Island Medium, seeing Theresa in costumes, then to ponder on colors, perceptions, spectrums, counterparts and clarity and protection ... 

But that's what it did with spirit. So on out with it, here it is: 

When one has clarity of experience, which one may gain by (1st) facing themselves so that their personal perception (the dominant human perception) is "clear:" one understands what one is being and allows oneself to happen with regular check-ins (you-to-you relationship), check-ups (you-to-others/companions relationship) and check-outs (you-to-yourbaggage relationship) without constantly, reflexively or carelessly berating oneself for the nature of the experience of living out being human.

When one has clarity of experience, one learns to be present for all that happens; one learns how to move without aggression in all circumstances presented because one is not driven by the need to defend (aggression via fear of ones inability to protect without being destructive), but by the need to come to terms with/understand (neutrality via giving oneself the freedom to experience, improve and fail in full knowledge that all that is possible will be attempted and does not necessitate abuse of others or oneself).

Clarity is the best protection because it allows for your truest and sincerest experience to live itself out in the full light of day. Working towards this, you slowly (it will seem that way to you in the moment, anyway) drop your anxieties about being the way that you are in any given moment, which allows you to both embrace your process and to change. In doing this, you protect yourself from the degradation of yourself; yes, with all your "uglies" and "bitters" and "bittersweets." And that protects others and you from the degradation of "otherness."

Doing the groundwork of facing yourself and your decisions creates freedom of thought, which, in turn, is what you birth your newest emerging self from. Your thoughts become free because they are less and less frequented with your anxieties, which are fueled by judgment where there should actually be consideration; and it is the letting go of your anxieties and judgments that allows you to feel a palpable sense of peace from the unrelenting punishment humans so quickly and easily set upon ourselves simply for existing and being present and aware on this Earth without "perfection."

But so how does clarity protect you though? 


This is a major key (DJ Khaled voice). 

When you have clarity you are in your (not "the." There is no perfection as we know it) most impeccable shape to encounter your existence. Whatever happens. And that, in my humble though animated and sarcastic opinion, is the best protection one can ask for: to be ready

That is literally the best we can do. And that's not a disclaimer or an excusing of humanity because that's exactly what existence does every day for you, you, me, everyone and everything always. Beaten and fragmented by the times and the days, by humans and their ways, life shows up for everything and every decision anyway.

And while you have the privilege to make decisions—and let me say for the record, it is a privilege to live in a place where you can literally make the world better for more people by being more truthful and aware, and less impatient and inconsiderate all while living your life mostly as you choose; as opposed to being preoccupied with where the safe drinking water is, and worrying over the safety of your person and your family and living under the constant actual threat of starvation or violence.

If things of the latter category are beckoning at your door on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, I can appreciate that what I'm saying may hardly feel real or applicable for you. But clarity is for everybody and it affords the protection of perspective even in the direst of circumstances. 

People in desperation (which is also a spectrum) are in need of being the most ready. And the more we can come to terms with the nature of our circumstances, the better we can respond to them.

Clarity is the best protection, so channel the ready energy you formerly put toward aggression and use it elsewhere. Invest that ready energy (it has to go somewhere) in your willpower to embrace change, your tenacity in committing to fairer versions of you, your constancy of effort in working away at what doesn't serve you and has become outdated, and your desire to be at peace with what you are and what you aren't and what is, what isn't and what isn't yet.

Unbeknownst to most, this is the witches brew. And the reason it comes across as "bitter" is because it's medicine. The soothing is in what it does and produces or simulates. Not how it tastes to you. And whether or not it is desired, it is important to take it for your health. Which, despite the ego's best efforts, is what actually rules your ability to be well. 

Your ego should belong to your well being. Your well being shouldn't belong to your ego. This balm will heal you and the ointment is as helpful, soothing and deep as you are with yourself.  

So dig in, my peoples. Clarity beckons you inward and then forward. 



If such information is of interest to you, the animal guides and spirit guides that have revealed themselves to me all month as Spring's Messengers are Lizard, Dragon, Kokopelli, Mother Earth/Gaia and Aganju. If you'd like me to get more into the descriptions of the above energies, holler at me and I'll let you know!

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