Gaia Matrix Oracle Write-Up: June 2017

Gaia Matrix Oracle Write-Up: June 2017

Card: 4 Priest-Seer

Symbols: Balance; Cosmic Plan; Quest; Sacrifice

Key: "Attunement"

Energies-at-Play: Intuition Concerning Others and Relationships; Kundalini; Wise Male Energy Upholding the Sacred Feminine; Spring and Fruitfulness; Stargazing and Vision; The Creative Center; Repose; Sacred Work and Spiritual Muscle; Rested Feminine not Exhausted Feminine; 1st Chakra and Willpower.


Questions 4 Priest-Seer Brings Attention To: 

  1. How do you attune to values and apply those values to your life?
  2. How do you become the New You who is emerging but who hasn't yet been settled into your Everyday You routine and belief system?
  3. How to do you settle scores with yourself so that you may arrive at peace and well-being?
  4. How do you come back from being unaccountable to you? 

Fear, possessiveness or anger may bind you. The knot of fear can be released by surrender of what you think you know to what you know you aren't yet aware of; the knot of possessiveness can be released by love freely given without attachment to outcome; the knot of anger can be released by invoking a regular ritual to center yourself in peace and find your balance. 

Yes, it is that moment: it is time to get better acquainted with you. If all humans were suddenly turned inside out and the person you are to yourself in your head was now standing in a line-up in front of you, could you pick yourself out of a group? Are the things that plague you particular and personal or are they things everyone is going through? What of your current problems do you most wish to avoid now? Because that is exactly the place you must go to.

It is time to get clear and face the mirror. Now we must be aware, not simply informed. We may know more now by what we sense is the right direction than by what we think should happen. 

What in your life is naturally giving right now? And giving without turmoil? What are you forcing? What are you calling upon against its will? 

Whatever is falling apart in your life right now despite (or because of) your best efforts must be laid to rest. Give into what life is telling you by seeing what it helps you manifest and what it destroys regardless of how you wish to manifest. 

Life is not here for you, it is you. You have been manifested into a body with a consciousness because IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO BE HERE FOR LIFE. Be present. Do not willingly forget yourself now. Do not deny yourself simply because there are elements you do not like. Face yourself, which is your past. Look forward to your future, which will be called your existence. Show up for your existence in every possible moment; this is called your present.

June calls forth our need to be in alignment. June will help us see things and know them by the order in which it is most important for them to arrive. BUT YOU MUST LOOK. And not only with your eyes. The point here is not simply to see, but to know. 

Gaia Matrix Oracle says, "As you become more attuned you will know the right timing for events: when to speak, when to be silent, when to say prayers and when to take action."

People are becoming more sensitive now. Not simply in feeling, but in overall perception. We've been using much more than the eyes, ears and hands to relate to people for a long time. We do not seek just feeling any longer. Feelings are too fleeting. Resonances can ripple out for eternity.

Be resonant so that your environment and circumstances resonate with you in accord. Do not seek discord for it abounds and will find you if Existence deems that necessary for your experience and learning. Trust that life will take the course IT chooses with or without you. Get on board with this recognition by way of your actions and what you tell yourself internally. 

Family or friend groups or spiritual family and companions are especially important right now. Support is needed in these social spheres. Come together with people you can be your "most self" around. Reveal your truths and your fears without shame or anticipation of rejection. Your actual tribe will show up when you open your mouth to speak True You. Others may leave instead. Let them go. This way you conserve energy that you may be squandering on people, places, things and circumstances that are simply not ready (or interested) in holding space for you; are not ready to truly hear and see you, or are not prepared to perceive and receive you. 

"The One Commands the Many." We are many species, but our one Earth allows for our well-being. The Earth allows for our well-being, but our one Sun allows for our Earths alignment to provide for us. We have many thoughts and feelings, but they come through and resonate in our one self. We have many organs but they are held together by our one body, etc. ad infinitum. 

"All your life you have prepared for this time." You have fought every battle in your living memory for the opportunity to be the you of right now. We must continue the struggle into our present. The you who is currently here is the only one you have to move forward with. More of you will show up to meet your circumstances later, but not if the you of right now doesn't take the necessary steps into what is currently happening for you. This you, RIGHT NOW, is the only person with full agency to make decisions on your behalf. 

Now is the time you have. What you can do now is the willpower you have. Do not lament about this course for it is the only path to miracle and ultimate satisfaction with the self you have been gifted with. Do not give up on yourself. NOW IS NEVER THE TIME to give up on your ability to make choices on your behalf.

Create or find a physical ritual with which to part with energy you no longer want to have as a major influence in your life: yell sounds; stomp your feet; clap and wave your hands; sing into the mirror; call someone as soon as it occurs to you and you are physically able; pray; play an instrument to hear how your energy sounds; paint something; do a non-sex-based physical activity such as running; create something with your hands; create a spiritual guard such as a staff, wand or shield; create a simple ritual by facing the four directions and invoking the 4 qualities of the symbols that come along with this card. Then sit in the middle of those 4 directions and meditate.

Do this clearing ritual as often as it is needed. Do not doubt that for some of you that will be daily if not hourly. It's fine, be kind to yourself. One step at a time. But you must find a method with which to "ground" the energies (thoughts, habits, people, places) that are no longer serving who you need to become.

You cannot stop a birth short of killing the birther (sometimes that doesn't even work). And we aren't capable of killing Existence. So get with the Existence Program. Another you is emerging. Make way for them. Do not be selfish to the detriment of your future selves. This you has had its time. Give way now. This is the quickening before a birth happens. Breathe into it. 

"More than ever, NOW you have the power to be conscious." 

There is our personal will and then there is what Existence would have of us. The closer in alignment to Existence's will that you bring your personal vision, the less turmoil you will experience. 


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