Gaia Matrix & Floral Mandala Write-Up: July 2017

Gaia Matrix & Floral Mandala Write-Up: July 2017

Card: 16 Virgin/Child

Symbols: Ecstasy, Creativity, Service, Freedom

Key: "Illumination"

Energies-at-Play: SHANGO; Snake Medicine; Kundalini (still); Owl Medicine; Being Your Golden Child; Higher Self/Aspirations; Being More/Fully Accountable; Claiming Your Own; Hustling; Not Cheating/Lying To Yourself; Making Dreams Known; Asking For Assistance; Looking Up To Elders/Those Further Than You Are; Integrity and Getting To Know It; Speaking With One Tongue; Doing Your Best Work (However That May Show Up).

Questions 16 Virgin/Child Brings Attention To: 

  1. How can I acknowledge and receive whatever comes to me as an opportunity?
  2. How can I purify my body and psyche so as to feel better and serve my purpose?
  3. How can I bring inspiration into my daily life? 

Oh, suki suki now! Let it be known that July will not be playing around. You will have your feet and ass put to the fire of your words and your intentions. So let them be known. What is true you should exalt, commit to, do service for. What is false you should let go without sorriness or resentment. 

There is a moment in every crisis where things could have gone another direction. Where what became the apex of tension could have evaporated into the bucket of potential unknowns. For humanity, that moment is every present second we are involved in. 

The quickening is over. IT IS PUSH TIME. So let's go. 

July is the time to submit yourself in service to a higher power. Higher power here means your better(ing)—you can stop improving when you're dead—self; means your dream work; means your most important relationships (dear gawd, DO NOT FORGET YOURSELF). 

Gaia Matrix Oracle says, "You are both vessel and contents." Great. So what? Well the what here is yourself and your actions, your life and your choices. Do you understand why the time for you is right now? This is the only time you are guaranteed to have. Why make it to your deathbed just to whine and moan about all that you could have should have did? HANDLE IT BEFORE YOU ARE GONE. 

It is the time of birthing. We are past the quickening stage of June and now—NOW—it is time to PUSH. If the word "now" bothers you by the end of this write-up, I have done my job well. Don't be mad at the message, be mad at your unwillingness to use what you have before you. Be mad at not learning. Be mad at lethargy and apathy and giving the fuck up on your greater purpose.

WHO ARE YOU TO GIVE UP ON YOURSELF? You didn't make this world. You're just lucky to be here. People have been murked off this planet that would literally KILL YOU to be here now. I bet you can name many of them.

Oh it is the time of the HUSTLER, my peoples. So it is the time of the HUSTLE. July will be all about your hustle or lack there of. Guess what the origin of the word hustle is? It's earliest meaning was literally "to shake." And to shake with what? Well, anticipation for one. Excitement for another. Privilege after that. And beyond that OPPORTUNITY. The opportunities you have just by your dumb-luck of being here.

Or "to shake" means to shake off things. Haters, hardships, circumstances, people, etc. At it's apex, "to shake" would mean to vibrate at a high/er frequency. To hustle and to resonate are not far from each other when they upright and doing what needs to be taken care of. The shadier/lower the vibration, the less it shakes. The less something vibrates, the less it resonates. Less resonance, less vibration and less shaking amounts to less hustle. A low-vibrational hustler ceases to hustle, ceases to be a hustler and—from there—falls into the realms of cheating, bamboozling and charlatanism.   

You have dreams? The waking kind? Have they ever been expressed outside of your head? If not, you are THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE TO THEM. If you have shared them, NOW is the time to call on those individuals outside of yourself who are MOST LIKELY to hold you accountable in the ways that you need to grow. Who are those individuals in your life? The people you know with the most integrity; the people you know with the most drive. Someone who understands the hustle. 

Now lets be clear. The word hustler and the act of the hustle has been tainted. People quickly mistake hustling for cheating and the hustle for cutting corners. This is because a hustler—in their most general form—knows how to TAKE ADVANTAGE. Buuuuuuuut, that doesn't mean of people. It means—in its most exalted form—taking advantage of the circumstances before you; taking advantage of the individual (and collective) resources that you have.

Have you heard a little story about a word called "nigger" that was made to be so offensive nobody should want to be associated with it; yet it was given to a particular people and relished by others? And did you hear next about what the hell the people labeled with it did with that word? You tell me there's no such thing as alchemy and I will show you entire cultures making gold out of shit. 

WHO ARE YOU TO GIVE UP ON YOURSELF IN LIGHT OF SUCH TURN AROUND? People have had it WAY WORSE than your let-me-be-lazy ass. You betta own your worth.

Whatever may be misconstrued about the hustler, know this . . . an UPRIGHT Hustler not only has no problem being out in the open, THEY FIND THEIR GREATEST ADVANTAGES WHEN THEY ARE EXPOSED BEYOND THEIR COMFORT LEVEL. This is how you can tell a hustler from a cheat and a hustler from a charlatan. They blatant, to the point and bright as a day of full sun on this green Earth. And THAT is why they are to be respected when their hustle is upright. You try being your most creative self while in public and butt naked. Once you've done that, under what circumstances will you not defend your self-worth?

So July is going to require grace under fire, being calm under pressure and keeping a cool head. How do we do this? We remember stillness, centeredness and calmness while doing the service we owe our higher callings. We remember that every dream made manifest was built of CONSTANT SERVICE to that dream. But, above all, we REMEMBER THE DREAM. Period.

This isn't dress up. You're only playing yourself IF you are playing your self. THIS IS NOT REHEARSAL. This is your ACTUAL LIFE. You better be about it NOW because ain't no do-over of this personality ever gonna come to you.  

Some Tools/Advice from the Gaia Matrix Oracle:

  • "Purify your life in all manner of ways from massages and sweat lodges and diet to service and creative processes to discover the truth behind all change"
  • "FEAR NO CHANGE IF your intention is clarity, purity and insight. No present can endure, for the future is continuously becoming the past and you are the simultaneity, not the sequence of time."
  • "There are hidden teachings coming to you from the farthest reaches of the universe seeking to be 'heard' and 'seen' by you." (You betta learn from everything that comes to you).
  • "Everything that you produce comes from the universe and can best be passed on immediately after you are through with it. The only real way to have anything is to pass it on."
  • "You can ponder for millennia the principles and substances of which you are composed and will never fathom it. So let go and receive what comes to you, transform it towards purity and clarity and pass it on."
  • "Devotion to truth and continuous prayer is the way of the VIRGIN/CHILD. No matter what you're doing—cleaning, cooking, typing, working, digging trenches, building houses—whether you are man, womxn or beyond, SERVICE IS YOUR WAY TO CLARITY OF BEING."
  • "The golden child is born of the crown, wisdom, understanding, mercy, justice, harmony, victory, glory, foundation and kingdom. You can know the whole universe through yourself. As you become fearless you can cross the dark waters of the unknown."

Let me be frank: you are not incarnate simply for your own pleasure or displeasure. Every thing in existence has a purpose to serve whether it is understood by all other things serving a purpose or not. As the Gaia Matrix Oracle says, "your purification and clarity, your awakening and illumination" is an important part of the experiential process. 

When you neglect your dreams, when you delay on your purpose, you tell Existence it is not worthy of its own creation. When you neglect to DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, you do a disservice to everyone. Get over your ego so you can actually be connected and of service to this world you're on. And do not be mistaken, your ego is both the thing telling you that you're better than everyone and that you're not worthy of anything. 

The point here is to understand that all that is in existence is not only worthy of being here, BUT ALSO IMPERATIVE TO OUR OVERALL EXPERIENCE. Do not deny what calls your name into eternity (such things do echo and that is how you know them). And shut your mind up long enough to hear the Other Elses that would have you do service to them and the greater story being played out here that we call life and barely know as Existence. 

The VERY BOMB and Apropos Affirmations from the Gaia Matrix Oracle:

  1. I trust my visions by testing them in daily life (hold yourself accountable or ask someone else to do it while you learn from them how it is done)
  2. I consistently take steps to purify my life physically, psychologically and spiritually (ritual has its purpose and it does wonders for clearing psychic garbage)
  3. I return to my true essence by continuous devotion to truth (this is called service or putting the work in. And if you're not going to do it, don't be surprised or bitter when other people don't do it with you.). 

YOU ARE A REFLECTION OF WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO DO. So what comes to mind when people recall your image? Exactly what behavior and personality is looking back at you from the mirror? What do people know about you and did your UPRIGHTNESS put it in their heads, or are you letting untrue actions speak for you?

Need even more guidance? That's fine. Let's finish off with some learning from the animals. 

Snake Medicine:

Intensity | Dullness * Determination | Apathy * Power | Timidity * Rebirth | Stagnancy

* Magnetism | Repulsion * Passion | Force * Transformation | Repetition

* Penetration | Reservation * Venom | Immunity * Mystery | Presumption


Owl Medicine:

Directness | Avoidance * Restlessness | Stillness * Philosophy | Dogma

* Adaptation | Rigidity * Loyalty | Betrayal * Exaggeration | Humility 

* Insight | Ignorance * Optimism | Hopelessness

* Gregariousness | Isolation * Broad-Mindedness | Closed-Mindedness


Do not forget any medicine may be upright (bring health/wellness) or in shadow (bring illness/dis-ease) depending on how it is taken in and—thus—processed, utilized, shown and passed on. 

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