Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: January 2018

Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: January 2018




At the end of all things, as humxns we will always return to The Passionata. The creative instinct. The origins of what makes us unique, persons and personas, as well as present to this world This is one of the Medicine Wheel cards in this deck and it will always speak to cycles, stages, patience and timely movement, progress and regression and (w)holistic integrity. 

The most disruptive quality about this card is that it is about our most intimate creation: our unique selves and how we each are. Yet it brings this to our attention in the rudest, most abrupt or most disturbing ways possible. To the point that we may ask ourselves if Life itself isn't hostile.

But the tricky aspect of this card is that it points out that no concern that occurs to you during the course of your humxn experience can be unconnected from its origin. In other words, the person encapsulates the persona and the persona initiates the person. 

So the dream of the child is directly connected to the satisfaction of the adult.

The distraction of the undone does not exist despite what you are doing but because of it.

You and your actions are 1. 



In order to take proper account of our passions we must have a method of prioritizing. Not simply our activities and our days, but our attention and what we invest it in whether actively or passively. 

The Recall Method encourages us to use our inner voice, knowing and intuitive understanding to ORGANIZE our lives, not simply to comment on or narrate it while we're doing what we're doing. 

In fact, your inner voice need not be an asshole at all. But if you stay ignoring it then you're choosing a self-fulfilling prophecy of what it's accusing you of. Facing your inner voice, whether it is big or small, submissive or dominant, is a HUGE priority of The Recall Method. For taming and training this voice is the key to all fulfillment. 

If you want a better inner voice then you must treat it (and feed it) better at EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY starting now. And now. And now. And now. And now. 

  • Recall what the voice says
  • Recall what the voice uses to make you feel you are not in control of how you respond to your circumstances 
  • Recall how the voice stimulates what you act out
  • Recall what the voice repeats and how often it makes itself known
  • Recall the habits of your inner voice and what triggers it falling back on unuseful attitudes
  • Recall that you are your own and so are your actions
  • Recall that your inner voice is best kept from nagging you by you testing its theories and instructions
    • If it tells you nobody likes you, reach out to people and see. Hell, even ask. 
    • If it tells you that you can't dance/draw/sing/learn/enroll in classes or announce your interest to your community and let them see what you wish to be known for doing or participating in

Nothing shuts up a naysayer like proving them wrong. 



Once we make a practice of accounting for our own thoughts and how we use them to manipulate ourselves, we begin to hold ourselves accountable. This in turn clarifies the number and tone of the voices and narratives/stories in our heads, which makes for calmer and more ready learners within ourselves

Thus, step 3 is The Amplified You-niverse. Not just who you are, but how you show up, how you are noticed, how you sound and what you are doing. Essentially, how do you RESOUND in any moment? Do you fall flat? Do you echo? Do you take pauses or rush on? Do you crescendo or are you just loud?   

The better you can recognize the voices around you that aren't yours, the more able you are able to dictate your own sound and how and where it is heard.

Naturally, if you refuse to a) listen to yourself, b) listen to the wisdom that comes to you but that you don't recognize as yourself (yet) or c) hear/recognize what's going on around you period . . . you will have a hell of a hard time playing and tuning your own instrument. And that is one way that individual humxns or groups of them begin to feel left out. 

You want to be heard? Have the courage to hear yourself and then OPEN YOUR MOUTH and explain yourself. 



Our last card is actually directional. Knowing where to go and how to go and when to head out. 

In December the Plant Alchemy cards communicated that the idea that accountability is relative or optional is a fallacy. Now with The Crystaling we are awarded with a bit more insight into why that is:

The whole of something is often greater in size, representation or quantity than the center of something; yet the center is not removed or ignored. The core has an important purpose in regards to that which came from it: it is integral to the experience of what it begat.

The integrity of something is never set apart from where it has come from. The circle cannot hope to become greater in circumference if it has no beginning and nothing to count its distance from.

The prism cannot display the rainbow without the initial beam that all other color refracts from.

So then humxnity, how can you rely upon one another when you repeatedly abandon core principles and thus a central connectivity of experience that can be relied upon as a support to sustainability maintain society?

You hate time but want experience?

You desire peace but refuse to commit to it?

You want to be all-important but don’t want to be responsible for your influence?

The tornado is loud and distracting, but it cannot stay together without its still yet equally forceful center.

Life may seem spontaneous and chaotic, but it stems from a methodical and coherent order of things that allows for everything that has come after it.

Integrity begets a self to find worthy, so it begets self-worth.

And how can you know your worth in its entirety if you continually refuse to be accountable for all that you are?

Be true and gain perspective.

Be you and gain direction.

Move forward and establish a practice.

Stay aware and always know where you are grounded.
— The Crystaling
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