Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: December 2017

Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: December 2017

And so we find ourselves at the end of another year. 2017 pulled very few punches and it came to be recognized. For most of us our shortcomings have been laid bare. Now expulsion and detox is upon us in a month that is all about being EXTRA everything. 

So let's get into it. 


We have often heard the saying, "wherever you go, there you are." But this is not often restated in this manner, "whatever experience happens directly to you, you are at the center of." 

Now, many of us don't like to admit that we are the source of our own challenges or even the experiences we don't like. But we are.

And, for the skeptics and other hard heads out there, let me make things clearer: Yes. There are binary star systems where 2 powerful suns revolve around each other and then even more planetary bodies revolve around them (sometimes others are the co-causers of the circumstances we are in). But even with 2 parties involved, both suns create an equal gravitational pull and both suns are at the center of their solar system.

In a binary solar system, both suns cause or allow things in equal measure. If they didn't they would set off an imbalance that would then knock their solar system into chaos. In binary systems we know of 2 ends: explosion or implosion. But either end creates an epicenter and through it a black hole emerges. A black hole is the most powerful force we know of in the Universe. 

Why all this space talk?

Because each of us is a world in and of ourselves. A complete and whole organism capable of creating, sustaining and destroying both life and the equilibrium of our "solar system" or social community at will. 

Look to your planetary ancestors for all the myriad examples of diversity to inform yourself on the myriad ways of being that humxns can also inhabit, but still know they are all your ancestors. 

When we recognize that we are the centers of our own world(s), we are forced to acknowledge our impact and dynamism (whether depleted or potent). 

What are you doing? What does it create around you as cause and effect? What kind of influence are you bringing to your environment? What kind of situations does what you're doing bring you into contact with? 

Have you answered those questions? GREAT. The buck doesn't stop here. 

Now, why are you calling forth these experiences? And, of utmost importance, what are you learning from them?

To be crystal, a learning experience is a gain in every regard. Whether the circumstances you find yourself in are categorized as "good," "neutral," or "bad." 

Learn your lessons and heal your illusions about yourself and the life you're living. It's legitimately that simple. 

PRO-TIP: If the same shit keeps happening to you, you have NOT gained all of the necessary lessons brought to you by the experience you're having. Whether you like that reality or not is irrelevant. 



Don't I know it, don't I know it, don't I know! The 1st day of this month I spent in the ER. 

Experience is about to be on 10 & 11 ALL MONTH. Astrologically speaking, we're now in the sign of, "and I'll have EXTRA everything on it." Ain't no please and thank you to be said. EXTRA is both expected and required and that's just how Sagittarius and Jupiter (their ruling planet) is. 

But this card is also a 5th/Throat chakra card. So the caveat here is be EXTRA careful what you wish for because you WILL GET IT. And when I say "it" I mean what you ask + all that comes with it, including EXTRA. And when I say "will get" I ain't just mean by Santa, okay. 

Everybody will be getting personal deliveries of spirit's messages ALL MONTH. 'Tis the season to roll with the punches and gain agility from them. 



How appropriate. "Trial by Fire will see you now."

Once all that you imagined shows itself to be truth or delusion, you take that momentum forward or you start from scratch. Just be clear on what's actually happening and how you're actually responding. Do not play yourself by confusing delusion for anything other than what it is. Embrace "from scratch" or embrace momentum, but whatever you do keep it moving. 

Because spirit don't really play games so much as it/they plays with your ideas of reality. HA. But seriously tho. 

Spirit is the monster on your back that'll nag you even in the depths of your own obliviousness. "Something's wrong here . . ." will ring like a canary in a coal mine this month and no amount of ear plugging will save you from what looks back at you from the mirror.

"If you see something, say something." Even if what you're seeing is only inside of yourself and only visible to your awareness. Spirit will have your accountability on a silver platter whether you like it or not.

And Jupiter and Sagittarius are all about silver spoons, spirits de liquere, silver platters and people serving them on and from them. But their philosophy game don't play with them or others. More than a game, we enter into a philosophical sport. When Sagittarius walks upright we know them as ethical boundary keepers at their best. And when Sagittarius is reversed we know them as bombastic moralizing referees at their worst. 

Either way that shit stems from a strong sense of spirit; but only honesty can be the interpreter between what your nagging truth is and what you let manifest from and around you.

Liars will be very unsatisfied this month and onward.



"Enough is enough." Yes. Yes. Surrender to what hurts. 

That doesn't mean be hurt's bitch, but it does mean actively and transparently learn from hurt. Whatever is happening/happened, took place for a reason.

The logic-masters who side step excuses and blame to get RIGHT TO THE HEART OF THE CONCERN AKA "the reason" are actually the wisest muhfuh's in the room.

The Patriarchy got so drunk on its own kool-aid (Sag's LOVE being intoxicated, by the way) that it tried to have people convinced that accountability is a bitch move and that responsibility is the equivalent of "taking an L." 

How recognizing and acknowledging the truth became a loser's forte I'll never know, but it's okay because that time is on its way out. We are moving decidedly from the Patriarchy to the Mothership and Mother does not suffer cowards.

We must begin to soften and allow the presence and influence of brutal honesty. Particularly the brutal honesty of an absolute and unequivocal "NO" or "STOP." This is not a time to be "in your feelings" unless you plan to come out of your feelings READY and TWICE AS ABLE on Existence's time and at Experience's demand. 

Those who are in hiding will be outed. All the true Emperor's will be naked and unabashed (even baby Jesus). All the Charlatan's will thus make themselves obvious and exposed. 



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