Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: November 2017

Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: November 2017

Can you believe that a year ago, around this time, most of us woke up to (or remained awake for) the upset of Trump winning the presidency?

Truly, things are not only manifesting quickly, but even as they do things press on and we find ourselves dealing with one thing after another. Now this should be no surprise considering this has always been the case with every humxn being in ourstory/RiT; but these days there are more of us and thus many more things that not only manifest, but collide/interact after manifesting. 

Yet, in all this seeming chaos, what Plant Alchemy card leads the way (and the change/s) into November? THE PASSIONATA!! 

The Passionata speaks directly to all those out there who have decided their lives "must" be as they are, even if they are deeply unsatisfied with it. To be clear, people have succeeded and risen from the ashes of some of the most harrowing, most terrible and most atrocious experiences humxns have ever bothered to imagine up (and we bother to imagine up plenty of abhorrent things). And I say this to make clear that perspective is basically 85% of the work ahead while the other 15% is drive. 

Because if you are going in the right direction (Perspective), then not much momentum is needed to maintain speed or to continue moving in the appropriate direction (Drive). Yes, of course there are mountains. But perspective is knowing that and planning/bracing/staying aware and going forward as prepared as possible for that inevitable mountain top. 

The holiday season is a time of momentum, charity and exchange. The Universe is no different and it will help with momentum where there's action; it will provide charity when we stumble in the most positive or negative direction unsure of the way; and it will exchange in kind and in time all that you give. 

The Passionata is a call to arms, a call to your will, a catalyst, a fire under your ass (hey there, Suit of Wands). WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE TO DO WITH THIS LIFE YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN? Until you embrace that, as far as how you live, it is your choice that most matters in regards to decisions concerning your happiness v. how others would have you live . . . you may not come to know your passion and calling in this iteration of your being. 

No surprise then that our 2nd card is THE REFLECTIVE PERSONA!

When's the last time you looked in the mirror not to judge, not to fix, not to anguish, but just to love your existence? To take a moment to appreciate the Universe's handiwork with you? 

You, of all 20-100 million sperm cells that we're gunning for a real life chance at existence on Earth, made it here. So The Reflective Persona calls upon you to know your worth by gazing upon yourself honestly.

Have you forgotten how the truth feels?

Time to surround yourself with the most honest people you know of who also have integrity. Those who do and tell. Those willing to admit that their hands may also be dirty when shit gets twisted. 

The Reflective Persona is about reflection. So knowing your worth also includes knowing those you should be keeping company with.

You want to elevate or become greater?

Ask those you appreciate for mentorship or advice. Or just watch them closely and emmulate them in a way that is authentic to you and your lifestyle. 

Do you want to shed dead skin?

Then slough off those who can no longer hold space for who you need to become. Even and especially when that means going within and shedding the dead weight of present but unnecessary former selves. 

THE CRYSTALLING makes an interesting 3rd card. First and foremost, it seeks to help you understand that your place in this Universe isn't unrelated to everything else. Existence itself is your relative and it has dreamed and conceived of you for a reason.

You may not know or understand that reason, but if there's one thing in life that you can rest assured about it's that this Universe is intentional and that Existence is purposeful. And you were made in this image.

The Crystalling is here to remind you that you don't exist in an ego vacuum and that you are not an island. Your purpose reaches beyond what you can fathom. And you are meant to be useful to life itself, not just to your desires and choices. 

Do not be fooled. Ego wants can be to feel small, insignificant, terrible, hopeless or useless. 

Yet Existence found you suitable enough to give an existence of your own to and it created everything that you are aware of. It did that not simply for itself, not simply for you, but for the betterment and experiential learning of all that is.

You have an opportunity now to be greater, brighter, most useful and more integral. You have divine purpose and sacred work to fulfill. But you must follow your anxieties to their source(s). You must understand as much about from whence you come as possible. Free YOURSELF. You are the only one of significance who holds the master key to your liberation.

THE DECISIVE ACTION says know that it isn't a destination, but a journey. You will do it again, and again, and again, ad infinitum. The Decisive Action says choose decisively and choose wisely. 

Wisely ONLY means wiser than previously.

Very small changes can have big results this month and beyond. Just be a little less critical, a little less secluded. Just start the thing a bit sooner or end the thing a bit earlier. Just do a bit more or do a bit less. Rest assured, there will still be 5 billion choices to make after this one. 

If the answer is 42, then 42 isn’t what we think it is. 

Fear not this decision because it follows the million decisions you've already made and the billions you've yet to make. There is no question that you can answer that will limit the overall need for more questions. You are having a dialogue with life, not a lecture series with no time for Q&A. 

Converse, converse often, converse decisively so you may learn how to converse well.

I am not lying when I say that liberating yourself has as much to do with being willing to embarrass yourself as it has to do with being "excellent" or cunning. There is so much to learn from being exposed to things you imagined you'd never be able to live through the experience of.  

Namely: Resilience

And that is a quality that cannot be bought. Only earned.

Finally, THE RECALL METHOD wishes to finish out this November reading with a few firm words:

Do not play yourself. Do not act like the decisions you make to ‘appease others’ are not actually done to appease the future of personal decisions you have made or insecurities you have bought into.

What have you given up already? What are you giving up now? What have you prematurely decided isn’t possible in your reactivity to the inevitable?

The inevitable is change. The inevitable is the unknown. The inevitable is dying to your body or to versions of yourself. Again. And Again. AND AGAIN.

That IS life, that IS living and that IS experience as it was and is intended. This IS learning yourself THROUGH manifestation.

Recall your senses. Rework them to your actual benefit, not to your delusions. Be honest. Be honest. Be honest. Then rechannel your senses and newfound knowledge into better people, better options, better things.

Not better because what you are embarking upon is more important than what went on before; but because what you are now embarking on is of more significance to WHO and WHAT YOU ARE BECOMING.

Who you actually are, integrally, at your core, amidst all of the other things IS your most complete, experienced, expert and present being. BE THAT. BE THAT. BE THAT. Or give yourself hell for it.
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