Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: October 2017

Plant Alchemy Oracle Write-Up: October 2017

Note: From here on out I will be using the Gaia Matrix Oracle deck to inform my readings when necessary but they will no longer be my regular reading deck for these monthly write-ups. The deck I formally called the Floral Mandala and Floral Alchemy deck has officially stepped forward at the Plant Alchemy Oracle Deck (Chakra Series) and that is what I will be using going forward or until another deck steps up!

5-Card Spread: The 5's indicate a spiritual resonance you have which can attune you to an inner alchemical process. A key word is change. What is constant and what is changing? 5's show transformative processes that reveal consistent harmonies inherent in everything. What are the healing resources within you which can change dissonance into harmony in your life?

5-Cards (Working Titles):

The Whirlwind | The Big Move | The Environmentalist

| The Elder Mind | The Communal Ancestry

This October we will not only witness the veil (that amorphous divide between what we perceive as the living and what we perceive as the dead) thin, but also quicken. We are embarking into an extremely feminine time and as a result birthing energy and creative energy will be gaining strength. Get ready for the new new, because it's 'gon happen to you!

The thinning of our birthing/manifestation walls and the quickening of the the creativity that comes into our world(s) as a result are strongly represented in the cards this month; as is the energy of change and movement. 


Our first card is currently known as The Whirlwind and it speaks to hypersensitive and easily irritated individuals and energy that is reactive in its attempts to connect. Hello, Introverts, Sensitives, Empaths and those who struggle with Temper Management!

Unbeknownst to The Whirlwind—meaning those who manifest this card frequently or the most often who are also ignorant of what it represents in their lives and what is happening as a result of that—it creates a force field around itself even while its aim is to find purpose and greater meaning through community and connection. The Whirlwind energy that does not get to know itself or come to terms with what it is will feel isolated, lonely, downtrodden and fukhed with.

But our orange chakra center represents personal power, how we reflect upon ourselves and how we make ourselves known in public and outside of our mind and its opinions about us. (To name just a few things that this chakra brings into our awareness). 

I say this namely because it seems that in this day and age people think that the words "Ego" and "Narcissism" are synonymous when narcissism is only one point along the ego spectrum. Your ego is also at work when it tells you that life is conspiring against you simply because you have not received most or all of what you wanted at any given moment. 

To be clear, the ego—when over or under stimulated—will tell you that you are the rightest person in the world or the most worthless person in Existence. Thus people who like (read: get something out of/actively invest in) feeling sorry for or bad about themselves are along the same trajectory as someone who becomes as egotistical as Donald Trump. 


The Big Move suggests that, in fact, your uplifting and path to fulfillment is just a change or two down the road. But first we must alter the circumstances we live in and from.

If you want life to offer you different circumstances, then you must become the kind of person that would experience those different circumstances that you want. If the current you doesn't have the type of experiences you want then you have to get to the bottom of yourself to see why you do not have the influence over your own existence that you claim you "should."

This is change it until you make it. Fake nothing here. If we cannot be real with ourselves then we are lost to this world.

The Big Move only speaks to outward movement (changing houses, cities, countries, jobs or friend groups) when that is a reflection of the work you have already done internally. No external change can sustain itself that hasn't first been internally fitted and installed.

For The Big Move the groundbreaking work is done first on the perspective, then the personality follows and then the environment mirrors whether these perspective and personality changes are sustainable, are integrative or are disruptive.

Does your life, your loves, your job, your friend groups, your living situation or your family keep blowing up in your face? Flaking out? Getting fukhed up? Then you are trying to move/change the wrong thing. Look within and tame the inner beast that is making your life difficult. 


The Environmentalist, our 3rd card, speaks to the truer physical environment. Not society with its invention of humxnity, but your reflection and re-orientation of your perspective and personality through your interactions with the genuine world you're on. 

What is the genuine world?

Well, it's not 90% humxn, for starters. Being in your environment speaks to being present not just for and to the humxnity of your life, but also to the overarching aliveness of it.

What else is alive in this world other than society and what it seeks to control?

Well, the water, the woods, the air, the plants, the animals and the bugs are all stepping forward as tutors and "medicine" to soothe you in your modern resting state of hypertension, anxiety and keeping up with the Carters. 

The veil is thin this month not only to the (humxn) spirit world, but also to the spirits that speak through our natural physical environments. 

Hiking; swimming; lounging on the beach, or in the woods, or in a field; observing birds, dogs, and squirrels in the park; watching the stars or the clouds; taking a walk where the concrete doesn't go ALL are highly recommended and cathartic right now. Get to know your Earth Mother and let her ravish you with real moments that cannot be recreated or imitated by anything humxn or made by humxnity.  

Remember your Earth, not simply the world you live in. 

So it is no surprise that our 4th card is The Elder Mind. This card showcases the need to speak what you know. Be transparent where you can and the rest will make itself known to you. The truth is, Wisdom may be gnarly, but that doesn't keep it from being the coolest, most mysterious and most useful entity in the room, in your arsenal or at your disposal. 

Why do we fear our own nature? Why do we fear the one true thing we have been gifted and may actually claim as our one true original invention? Why do we forsake the legacy of what we actually are for the legend of what we imagine we should be?

The Elder Mind is here to reorient your thinking (inner voice and spoken voice) and remind you that your biggest competition and greatest threat is you being ruled by your ego, your baser instincts and your formative mind. 

If you are not learning from and about yourself at all times you are not your greatest ally. It is the higher mind, the consciousness, the intuition and The Elder Mind that provides inspiration and chances. It is the lower mind, the brain, the intellect and the younger mind that provides action and the cementing of new habits. 

Do not allow your ideas about the rightness or wrongness of your being overrule your awareness that it is your perspective that blocks you for your greatest truths and "best life" lived. No number of outer circumstances has stopped those who are determined to better themselves in deep and intrinsic ways.

Aspirational people who are faithful to their betterment will surmount and have surmounted every AND I MEAN EVERY challenge imaginable. Why wont you do the same?

Your excuse is your weakness, not your reason.

Rise above and push through the version of you that would keep you lowly out of harsh, narrow and unfounded judgment. 

Make a fool of your inner naysayer, skeptic or bitchassness by PROVING it wrong WITH YOUR ACTIONS. Or make a fool of your inner dreamer or inner aspirer by doing nothing.

But whatever you do, be decisive and committed and stop wasting your breath, time and energy by complaining about what you are complicit to. Complaining and making excuses is the pay off of the feebly faithed. Feeling bad or sorry for yourself gets YOU off, but makes you less useful to everybody. Making changes that are both necessary and called for helps EVERYONE including you.


Our last card is currently called The Communal Ancestry

That is, all that has come before us that was inherited. Wisdom can be gained from any experience: neutral, pleasant or ugly. But the wisdom of ALL experience? That takes a collective.

A community that is honest is a community that shall remain well sustained. But not all nutrients are a physical manifestation. 

The thing that plagues humxnity is not what we have manifested in this world, but what we have decided is worthy of manifestation.

Function will always direct the sustainable form. Energy will always have the last acknowledgment from the corporeal. What you decide, which will lead to what you do or let be done, is your most valuable free will asset. 

All of humxn ancestry exists for our BETTERMENT. It is available for our deciphering, learning and pruning at EVERY given moment. No failure to learn from the past—no matter how largely perceived—makes it impossible to learn from that same past and that fresh failure. 

The RIT of how people have chosen to live does not exist in a vacuum. And even it if did, something made the vacuum or the concept of it possible. So the vacuum does not exist by itself without a past or a present or a connectivity to what came before it and what will come after it. 

There will always—ALWAYS—be something before you that can inform not only the experiences you may want, but also the experiences you are now having. 

If you mean business, on any given day your desire to thoroughly research those things should be 9-times stronger than your desire to complain about them. 


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