Wild Card Reading

Wild Card Reading


This tarot reading offer is for those who cannot afford a tarot reading at price, those who would like to trade services, or those who would rather barter. 

Money is not the only resource, the only valuable asset, or even the most interesting type of payment. Thus, I have an option for those who do not want to "pay" for a reading via the typical means. 

About this offer ...

* You must email me first to negotiate for this offer

* If you choose this offer your reading will be no less than 3-Cards and no more than 10-Cards

Some things to keep in mind for your reading ...

* A Celtic Cross Tarot Reading for singles or couples can take anywhere from forty-five minutes to three hours depending on the number of cards and people in the reading (please set aside time accordingly once we have decided on your service)

* You can record the reading via your phone, computer or you can take notes (I encourage this, it's a lot of information)

* You can have your tarot reading via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts (chat, spoken or video)

* It is best if you wear light or white colors for your reading (I'll say more on this during the reading)

* Feel free to email me with any questions before or after you book your reading

* You can either come to me with a question or get a general/overall reading (email me your question before booking so I can assess whether I am the person to be of assistance with your inquiry) 


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