Threads of Fate Readings

Threads of Fate Readings

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I am in the deck, a friend to the creators and a reader and familiar of the cards!

I read Oracle Decks intuitively in the moment so each person’s reading will be different and contingent on what the cards guide me to do and say.

You may choose between a recorded audio reading, a live video or audio reading or an in-person reading.

If you choose the audio recording option please allow up to a week to receive your reading by email, DM or text.


If you prefer not to use PayPal, you may also pay me via the following methods with your preferred times and dates, time zone and type of reading you’ve chosen. Venmo: @Sanyu-Estelle or Square Cash: $Sanyu

Swipe doesn’t allow readers to directly accept debit or credit cards because we are considered “high risk”

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