Soothsaying Guidance

Soothsaying Guidance

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I am a Claircognizant Soothsayer with Taoist and Spiritualist leanings. What does that mean?

  • Claircognizant: “Clear knowing.” I know what I need to know when I need to know it. I can tell you what I need to tell you when and as we’re talking.

  • Soothsayer: Keeping in mind that what you want to hear may not necessarily be what you need to hear, I am a direct and clear person who is often humorously and blatantly truthful.

  • Taoist: As someone who honors and follows The Tao “The Way,” I believe in the practice of existing not only well, but masterfully. I honor the trinity of yin, yang and tao or positive, negative and neutral from the energetic perspective.

  • Spiritualist: Other than being a student of Ifa (an indigenous practice of West Africa created by the Yoruba people of what is now called Nigeria), I am of the philosophy that there is nothing that happens to anything or anyone that is wasted. Thus, nothing in Existence is without purpose and no life is beyond reckoning or clearing or even your joyous participation.

If a card reading isn’t what you’re looking for or you don’t know exactly the kind of spiritual guidance or counsel you need, this is your best option! All you need to know are your concerns, curiosity and/or questions.

Examples of topics: clarity, anxiety, your relationship(s), your practices, spirituality, words, animal guidance, dream interpretation, dialogue simulation, etc.!

We can correspond via email, chat or on the phone. Come prepared with a notebook, audio recorder or other means of documentation.

All soothsaying guidance costs a minimum of $50 at $50 an hour for individuals, or a minimum of $100 at $100 an hour for partners.


If you prefer not to use PayPal, you may also pay me via the following methods with your preferred times and dates, time zone and type of reading you’ve chosen. Venmo: @Sanyu-Estelle or Square Cash: $Sanyu

Swipe doesn’t allow readers to directly accept debit or credit cards because we are considered “high risk”

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