(Singles) Direction & Insight or WTF Is My Life? Tarot Reading

(Singles) Direction & Insight or WTF Is My Life? Tarot Reading

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My tarot readings assist you with perspective. They show and affirm the "lay of the land" that is your life at the moment. My readings facilitate you becoming more decisive, a better decision maker, and more informed about your overall existence.

My readings DO NOT facilitate dependency and such inclinations will never be encouraged by me!

* A Direction & Insight (6-Card) Tarot Reading for a single person will take anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half (please set aside time accordingly)

  • 6-Card Readings are best if you're "fuzzy" or not "really" clear on your life or a particular topic and need some direction with clarifiers to help you continue.

* A WTF Is My Life (10-Card) Tarot Reading for a single person will take anywhere from an hour to two and a half hours (please set aside time accordingly)

  • 10-Card Readings are best if you have "no idea" what you're doing or why particular lessons have occurred/keep reoccurring. They are also great for an annual or semi-annual check-in!

* You can record the reading via your phone, computer or you can take notes (I encourage this, it's a lot of information)

* You can have your tarot reading in-person (if you're in Los Angeles or if I'm visiting your city) via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts (chat, spoken or video) or via audio recording (the cheapest option).

* If your reading is in real time, it’s best if you wear light or white colors for your reading (I'll say more on this during the reading or if you want to know beforehand)

* Feel free to email me with any questions before or after you book your reading

* You can either come to me with a question or get a general/overall reading (email me your question before booking so I can assess whether I am the person to be of assistance with your inquiry) 


If you prefer not to use PayPal, you may also pay me via the following methods with your preferred times and dates, time zone and type of reading you’ve chosen. Venmo: @Sanyu-Estelle or Square Cash: $Sanyu

Swipe doesn’t allow readers to directly accept debit or credit cards because we are considered “high risk”

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