Concern, Obstacle or Advantage? Tarot Reading

Concern, Obstacle or Advantage? Tarot Reading

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The C.O.A. 3-Card Reading is a spread of my own making called "C.O.A," that stands for Concern, Obstacle/Opportunity and Advantage/Aversion.

This spread is best utilized for gauging the theme of an upcoming time or event or for providing confirmational guidance on a specific concern that you are trying to receive direction about.

If you want an in-person or live (remote) reading you will receive a recording of the reading after it is completed, an image of the cards and extended conversation about any remaining concerns you might have regarding the cards pulled.

If you purchase the audio reading you will receive a recording covering your 3 cards in detail, an image of the cards that were pulled on your behalf and 5 working questions that I deduce from your reading and your cards.

FOR PARTNERS: cards pulled will typically be read in "composite" form rather than per person. In other words, the cards will address the relationship as a "3rd person" and not necessarily the individuals in it.  

Please allow at least a week turn around to receive your recording. I will ALWAYS inform you of estimated time of delivery, but it is dependent on demand!

*Your reading may be done with a different deck than is shown in images*


If you prefer not to use PayPal, you may also pay me via the following methods with your preferred times and dates, time zone and type of reading you’ve chosen. Venmo: @Sanyu-Estelle or Square Cash: $Sanyu

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